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Thursday, April 6, 2017

More of 'this and that'!

Earlier this week at the hair salon, this lovely lady  came in to visit!  Her name is Daisy Duke and she is a service dog!  And a sweetheart!  She's no little girl either!  Daisy helps her mom climb stairs, walk and just stays close to her.  I remember seeing her last year but never got a picture.  Daisy has tons of hats and outfits and everyone smiles when they see that face!  She wears her sunglasses as she likes to have her head out the car window!  

And look at what I received in the mail!
It's from my blog buddy, Sherry, from Createology!  She is so talented and is SO very giving!  She is always sending out lovely items she makes and send to her friends!!  And I'm lucky to say I've received several lovely gifts from Sherry!  Thanks again Sherry!!!  You are a sweetheart!

Speaking of cards...I made this several weeks ago but forgot to take a picture.  I was with the lady who received it so I did get a picture.  The fabric was from our stamping day a few weeks ago.  Always nice to have some fabric on hand to make a fiber card from!   I was limited on the thread I had so yellow it was!

I always love showing pictures of our friends.  This is my bud, Sally and her hubby Dan.

 The cafe her in the community have a BBQ each Sunday so the 'guys' had Sally and I come for dinner.  Both the guys had the Jamician BBQ (chicken/pork/brisket/rice/vegies) but Sally and I didn't!  We still had a great dinner and the guys dinner was only $6 and included a well drink!  The Ocala Palms cafe is new and they are in the process of trying out new food items and specials.  Bob and I love their Taco Tuesday.  For $6, which includes a Corunna Beer you get chips, salsa and 2 tacos in flour shell!.  You know how much we 'oldies' love a good food or drink special!

Of course, I have to include Mr. Blue's progress....I've started on his face/arm area.

I do a lot of unbeading but you have to at this stage to make sure the beads and colors are in the right spot.  I think he's coming along.  I just hope I can keep that sweet face!  I am working on another project for the online group.  The theme is The Eyes Have It and I'm already moving along quite well...can't show any of it yet!  Not until May 31st!  And since we'll be traveling home that first week, then Dr. appointments, staying with kids and seeing my buds I sure won't have a lot of time to work on that project!  I need to get as much done this month as I can...which means, Susan and I may have to head to a quilt shop!  My fabric stash here is null!  Any excuse will do!

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  1. Daisy Duke is adorable. Service dogs are amazing! Love your fabric card with the Yellow thread. Using what we have is a happy challenge. Friends and Food...always a wonderful combination. Mr. Blue is uber special!!!