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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Last date afternoon at Harry's for 2017!

Usually before we head north, Bob and I make our last meal of 2017 be at Harry's (although, we do have two more meals out before we head north this year!  HA).  We packed some more clothes, I bathed the girls (face/legs) did my 1 mile cardio then after shower, we headed off to Harry's.

We did eat outside and we were fascinated with this palm tree!!  Just a beautiful day to eat out!!!  Warm but a slight breeze!  Just perfect!

We have to say this was our best meal ever at Harry's!  We started off with Fried Green Tomato's which were really good!  We usually get the fried pickles but we'll stick with the tomatoes for now on!

Next, Bob ordered the blackened red fish with corn grits...YUM!  Double YUM...I got to taste both and they were each fantastic!

I had the chicken tacos' with cole slaw and they too were delicious!  Best cole slaw I've had in years!

Of course we had to end the dinner with our favorite dessert!  Banana's Foster!  Again...the best ever! We've had their Banana's Foster bread pudding twice this year, which was also very good...but the old standby of just 'plain' Banana's Foster is wonderful!

We are full..pleasantly full...good thing I did 1 mile cardio earlier!  Today (Thursday) will be our last get together with the 'gang' for 2017...and Friday, we are hoping to meet up with Sally and Dan for dinner at the cafe here in Ocala Palms.

Our winter is coming to a always, it is bitter sweet.  We do miss our friends but we are both looking forward to getting back home for our home, family and friends.  Bob is already setting up golf times for the 1st week we got home!  Some things never change!  HA


  1. Harry's is always good- right down to their butter spread! We've had such lovely weather for eating outside lately. Safe travels home.

  2. It all looks delicious and the warm breeze sounds delightful. Enjoy your last few days!


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