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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up on projects

My hosta plants are huge again this year.  It always amazes me how big they get!  I planted these 17 years ago when Bob and I first built our house.

There are several more of these and they sit down below our deck in the back yard.  I always enjoy sitting out back in the rocker and looking at these beautiful, full plants.

Because it's been a 'hairy' week or two, I don't remember exactly when I played with a technique I first saw on Judi's blog, Approachable Art, using the Gelli plate.  What fun!!!  Now to be honest, I don't own a Gelli plate so to improvise I just used a piece of glass (8"x10").  It actually worked!!!  You'll have to go to Judi's blog and then check out the video produced by the Gelli Arts folks here.
My glass painted - wax paper used for open areas

Now you can see where the wax paper was at.

This was my glass all painted and stamped.  I haven't taken pics of the removal your interest peaked yet?  You are using packing tape to remove the paint!

It's really fun to fact, Nick saw all my pieces of tape and said "grandma, that's really cool"...hmmmmm  Maybe this is something we can do on Wed.!

Anyway, I'll take pictures of the pieces I finished and what I ended up doing with them!  Until then...enjoy the weekend...very warm and muggy here in Michigan! Almost like being in Florida during the summer!  Not my kind of I just stay inside, lots!


  1. Great Hostas! When would you divide them? I have a couple in pots that I need to divide and plant in the ground.
    Your glass gelli plate worked great. I have a gelli plate and it is so much fun to play with. I did the packing tape tutorial and enjoyed it. I turned the tape into book marks after attaching them to light card stock.


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