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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My week so far

Before I show some of my playing, if you like biscotti but don't care for the hard texture, try these!! OMG!! These Tusconi's are wonderful!!! I bought the double chocolate to try and yum! But this week I bought a box of the almond chocolate and now they are my favorite!! I saw on their web site they have a raspberry chocolate but I don't see them in the store yet. They are a soft form of biscotti and just yummy!! The chocolate is really good chocolate and not a yucky chocolate or fake chocolate! and the biscuit is like a soft shortbread cookie! So run, right now and pick up a box! They make a great snack in the evening! OK, a good snack anytime!

Lesson 3 of Jane LaFazio's Mixed Media class is this week. Only problem, I'm a bit behind but I did try to catch up somewhat today. I did post some pictures of some painted watercolor paper I did a week or so ago but the pics here are all painted fabric. The fabric below was painted/stamped then layered with some gesso stamped leaves and then tissue paper that I did some doodling on.
This piece has some decorative tissue paper and some tissue paper with doodling on and colored with some inks. Bob really liked this piece..I'm still not sure what else I'll do with either of these...I know I need to do more but I just have to let them sit and rest! I need to post to our class forum and get Jane's advice!

These are some more of my pained fabric pieces.

These are some wall paper samples that I painted and hope to use in my online class.
I most likely won't get to doing any more work on my class lessons. We're meeting the kids on Wed. 60 miles from here and on Thursday we're going on a river cruise (it's only a 1 hour cruise - it's a small river!) and then dinner after with 3 other couples. Should be fun the next two days! And with our temps still in the 80's just perfect weather for being a Florida tourist! Darrin just SKYPED us and showed us the snow they're getting in Michigan! It was only 32 and temps are dropping to 17! Yikes! Guess I won't complain about it being so warm! Shame on me!


  1. Looks like you continue to keep busy, enjoying life and your work. I like all the things you are working on and eating too! Keep it up.

  2. Wow, these painted projects are looking good. What fun. Messy, but fun, right? I find that a lot of the things I get into have no particular intended purpose. Someone in an online class said "What will you do with that?" is an irrelevant question! I like that saying.


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