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Saturday, March 12, 2011

One of my favorite things!

Yes, my blog is more than just chatter on family, friends and artwork! It's also a place for book reviews and now!! TaDa!! Cosmetics..ok, not really cosmetics but cosmetic tools! I've had this lip/eye liner sharpener for years! And I mean years (you can see the picture below on how old it is - and yucky!). So today I splurged a whole $2.49 and bought a new one! It's by Revlon and just great (picture on the right). WOW! I can't believe how great this sharpener works! Check out the perfect points and it's enclosed! This goes to need to replace your 'tools' more often! I guess it doesn't matter if it's an art tool or cosmetic tool! Lesson learned! This old one has now been laid to rest! Forever! In the trash! Good bye! Thanks for the memories!
Now a little beaded bird is coming along. My next bird post will be a finished piece! I just have a little on the head to finish and the branch, which should take about two 1/2 days of evening TV watching!
And since I don't have enough to do, my friends back in Michigan (Carol T. and Mary) signed up for an online Mixed Media w/paper and cloth class with Jane LaFazio (through Not sure how or why I signed up too...I certainly don't need another project but figured, worse case, I could print out the lessons and work on later. But...I did start the first lesson which was creating background pieces. Here are some that I did. I pulled my back lifting Mandy again this a.m. so I won't be working on (or taking more pics) until Monday.
Tomorrow (Sunday) Carol and I are going to the Master Garden show here in Ocala. Weather is beautiful and we always enjoy our day at the garden show. I'll post pics on Monday. Until then, check your 'tool' box and get rid of some old 'tools'. Time to revamp!


  1. I am telling you, I don't know where you find all the hours in the day to DO what you DO!
    Take care of the back and hope that Mandy is doing well~~what a pooch!
    Love-love-love the beaded bird; spent last evening at the pet store communing with a delightful cockatoo...if I'd had an extra $1000 and a would have had a home.....
    Okay, off to try and figure which mess to tackle first!

    P.S. Tell Spring to get it's rear up HERE!!! LOL!

  2. I love your beaded bird. It must be in the air. I am waiting for some cuffs to arrive so I can do some bead embroidery.

  3. Robbie - love the your beaded bird!! It looks fantastic! I have a friend back here in MI who is looking for a good quality fabric store - for all kinds of fabric. Where do you shop?