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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not slacking, just busy

No, I'm not slacking off just darn busy! Of course some of that 'busy' time is eating dinner out! Not complaining by any means!! We/I have been running everywhere but my nights are still for beading and doing hand work.

Here's my beaded's suppose to be a Western Tanager but I was following some color choices from an applique pattern..dummy me didn't bother looking up the 'real' bird or I would have chosen different colors. That's ok..I can make another one using actually colors. I'm still happy with him. The unfilled line you see above his tail is the branch, which will also be beaded. I'm thinking I'll use beads on thin wire for his feet to sit on the branch.

And I finished my donation piece for SAQA's 2011 online auction. It's 11" x 11"; my screen printed fabric; hand and machine stitching, foiling and hand beading. I just have to put a sleeve on it and mail in. Cross one more off the old project list!
This is detail of one of the circles. I was going to cut out circles from the circles and make holes but decided it might not show up that well. The purple is silk dupioni that I happened to have brought with me! I just (also) happened to have a small dk purple piece for the binding..just enough!
No bike riding instead...legs cramps at night are really getting bad again so I'm going to take a day off once in awhile and, advice by my son, to drink more water. What goes around comes around, right! I'm always telling him to drink more water. Guess I should practice what I preach! temps already 72 and expected to get up to 80's today. Nice breeze so it never seems that hot...gotta love Florida weather!


  1. Oh I love the bird. It is just perfect! Glad you are enjoying life. It is still bitter freezing here....sigh.

  2. Hi Robbie - I love the bird! So cool to see something come to life in beads. It's gorgeous.

  3. i think your bird is awesome! i never would have known you didn't use the "realistic" colors. i think it's beautiful just the way it is.

  4. Love the bird Robbie...seriously, your SAQA donation is done? Mine is just an idea at this point. Better get myself in gear!

  5. Both projects are terrific! Your workmanship is just so admirable. OK, leg cramps.. someone told me to put an unwrapped bar of Ivory soap between the sheets and near the legs to prevent this. I don't know, but several people said it and one person does it, swears by it. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

  6. Don't you just hate it when you body doesn't cooperate?? I have had very weird neck and arm pain that I'm not happy about! I tried to do some knitting last night and I felt like I had a knife stabbed into my bicep. Not fun.

    Your tanager is beautiful - even if he is sporting some different feathers than you think he should.

    The detail in your quilted auction piece is great. I just want to touch it!

    Now go get busy, woman -- making dinner reservations, I mean lol !

  7. Lovely work Robbie. Your beaded bird is coming along nicely, it will be gorgeous, won't matter if it is perfectly in tune with proper coloration for a Western Tanager. Your donation piece is like a dooleybobber! Nice work, as usual.
    Now go have a drink of water! ha ha


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