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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beading and a boat ride

I'm making progress on my BJP for February. Almost finished outlining all the different areas. I'm also working on another small quilt but I can't show pics of it until this summer. It's a 'slice/group quilt' project that Tommy has organized. It's due the 1st of May so I want to get it finished or at least all but the quilting before we leave Florida. The piece for this project is quite small (around 6" x 10") but sure is a challenge! More on that this summer!

Now I know what to do with my empty wine bottles! Actually, this display is in front of Stumpknockers Restaurant (where we ate after our river cruise this past Thursday). Pretty cool isn't it!

The river ride on the pontoon boat ride was fun and our 'captain' sure was a talker! He's been doing this for over 15 years so he certainly knows all the spots on the river for showing his clients the different animals and foliage.

Check out these rocks...I loved all the texture along the river and you can see how low the river is.
This was a rock that 'mother nature' shaped to look just like a alligator!

Look closely now!! There's a 3ft alligator sitting in the middle of the weeds. There was a larger one but some folks were fishing and frightened him off.

One of many blue heron we saw along the river. They look just like a statue until we got closer then they would fly away.

This was a little visitor waiting to get in the restaurant!

As were these critters! They were all over the place but kind of cute don't you think!

Another cypress tree and again, note the water level mark on the tree! They really need the rain here, which is suppose to come next week sometime.

More texture!

This was a tree that fell over in this man's yard about 40 years ago. He built the cement wall and placed concrete under the branch (lower right side). This has enabled the tree to live! This tree is suppose to be over 100 years old. Wouldn't that be neat to have this view in your back yard! I love this tree.

This should have been the first picture. It's where we got on the boat! But since we had to get off the boat, I guess it's fitting for the last picture as well!
We did have a great afternoon and dinner after was SO good! Deep fried shrimp was on my plate and Bob got the trio (fried catfish, fried shrimp and crabcake!). YUM!!

This coming week I'm going to take another cooking class at 'The Dish'! It's called 'Pizza, Pizza, Pizza'! So guess what we're going to cook!! I'm really looking forward to this class as well.
Tomorrow I hope to at least finish my design and elements for the group quilt. Then I have to figure out how I'm going to put it together! Weather has still been in the high 80's but always a breeze! Thank need for the air condition - yet!


  1. LOVE the bottle tree! I have wanted one of those FOR EVER!!!
    They did explain the significance of it, didn't they?
    That old tree that is on it's side is amazing...people need to love trees and not just rip them out.
    Great post!


  2. Your Feb Bird is so neat - I love the pose!

    Thanks for taking us along on your boat ride. I love those old trees and those awesome rock formations. The alligators...well, not so much!

  3. Great photos along the river. And the weather has been sooo beautiful! I like all the critters, but am not a fan of those tent caterpillars (sp?). We've not yet eaten at Stumpknocker's on the river... went to the one in Inverness. The beaded bird is coming along nicely. I always like to see your works-in-progress.


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