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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Isn't this fabric postcard beautiful! My friend, Mary, sent it to me. Mary attended, along with our friend, Carol, a workshop by Judy Perez (check her blog/web site out if you don't know of Judy). Had I been in Michigan, I would have attended with them, as Judy is one of my favorite artists. Anyway, Mary made a larger piece in the class using a tea bag, stamping, watercolor, etc. and cut it up to make fiber post cards! I just love this butterfly/post card and so glad she sent me a piece!! I think it's beautiful! Thank you again, Mary!!!

At night, I've been beading away on my Feb. BJP bird. It took me 4 hours yesterday to finish the 3 darker green areas on the wing. I'm using #15 seed beads so that makes the process a little slower than I would like. I have to outline the wing on the left tonight and then I'll finish filling in the left wing..that should only take two nights of watching the boob tube!

I've been working hard on the group quilt piece for Tommy Fitzsimmons and I've just about finished with all my applique work and hope to be ready to quilt it by Thursday. I want to get it in the mail by the beginning of next week. Wish I could show you my progress/pictures but can't do that until all 16 of us have finished our 'slice' and Tommy has put the slices together. We have no idea what the finished picture looks like and only have our 'piece' (1/16th of the picture!) to go on! Bob came home and was very surprised at what I've finished and I even got a "wow" from him! That makes me feel good as he's my 'critic'!

So we're on countdown to when we are leaving for up north. Right now we're thinking the 16th of April but if there's still snow in Michigan we will stay longer! Fine with me but we do have to be back the last week of April as Nick is making his 1st Communion! That's a big event I don't want to miss!

We had lots of rain on Monday so Bob and I did some tooting around town..figures we'd pick a rainy day! No rain today but it was over cast and only got up to 75 today! It's been in the 80's the past few weeks so it felt quite cool today! HA Wed. we're going to El Torre's for our margarita night with Carol and Tony and Thursday I'm going to our Pizza, Pizza class! It's tough being a retiree but someone has to do it and I'm so glad it's me!


  1. Post card- so pretty! Beading project- progressing nicely, but you now have a deadline if you're in countdown mode. Pizza?? Nice. You're becoming a Dish regular. They'll miss you.

  2. I love your work!

    I found you over at Jan's from Laughing Dog Arts!

    I'm one of your happy followers now!

    Love the fabric postcard I would love to try making one sometime!!



  3. You and your friends are very talented. I can't believe you are heading north so soon....seems like you just got down here. But sounds like you manage to live in the best of both worlds. S


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