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Sunday, March 20, 2011

She's back...

First, I must say Great Job to Michigan for getting as far as they did in the March Madness! The pic above is from my Ipod! I downloaded the free app so I could watch the game while I sat on the front porch and beaded! How cool is that!! I just LOVE my IPOD!!

Yep, I am back and FINALLY feeling so much better. Think I had a bit of a flare up with the old RA since the back problem. But today I felt great! I did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the house, mopped all the floors, cleaned and disinfected Gracie's cage (a weekly job) then Carol and I head off to split a salad at Panera's then to Stein Mart and some shopping.
Yesterday and today I worked on my Feb. BJP
bird. I know he looks a little strange but he is suppose to be upside down eating berries! This is or will be a Painted Bunting bird and it's another design from Helene Knott .

This shows some of the tail feathers that I've been beading.
Now to catch up on what I have been doing the past week or two as far as being a Florida tourist!
These are pictures from the Master Garden Show last weekend. I wasn't walking all that well and Carol was kind enough to allow me to sit and rest!but the flowers were beautiful as usual.

The orchids are amazing!! I didn't take that many pictures but I had to stop and shot these two.

And we went to John and Marilyn's again for their annual St. Patrick's Day dinner with 20 others! John and Maryilyn outdo themselves each year. I wasn't up to myself yet but I did take these two pics of John and Cody! He's a little Bichon who lives next door and comes to visit every day. Isn't he adorable!!! I'd take him in a heartbeat! So would Mandy!

Yesterday, Carol and I left early in the a.m. to see one of the local art walks/shows. This is our friend, Peggy, at her table displaying her artwork and her husband's carved wooden ducks. I've posted on my blog before about this talented couple.

Peggy had one of the nicest displays of her work.

These are some of Sammy's hand carved ducks. Aren't they wonderful!!

This is one of my favorite paintings Peggy has done.

So that's it folks!! My activities for the past week - minus the exciting visit to the ER! We'll forget all about that part!

So now I'm back and planning to be in my art room tomorrow - after I bath and clip Mandy! Hope everyone is enjoying some of their own spring weather! Flowers are blooming in our community and it looks just like spring. I'll have to take some pictures and post. In my spare time!


  1. Okay, I read all of it and what do I zoom in on??? The trip to the ER!
    Are you okay???
    Looks like you're having a blast~~Florida obviously keeps you happy!
    Take care---hope the back stays happy too....


  2. holy crow lady! you did ALL that in ONE stinkin' day???!!! i'm exhausted just reading it! it sounds like you are having great fun there. i liked you last bird so much, i can't wait to see this one beaded up.

  3. What Anne said -- I'm exhausted now too. I love this new bird -- again, the quilting in the background is mighty fine. And I love your friend's heron. Aren't they the most elegant birds?

  4. Glad you are feeling better... be careful and don't overdo! Look forward to watching as this beaded bird progresses.


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