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Thursday, March 17, 2011

January BJP Finished

I'm back with the living or should I say moving! It's been an interesting past few days. Actually, not very interesting, boring if the truth be known. I don't know how people can sit and stare at the TV all day. Now eating the bon bons I can do but I was quite bored just lying flat. Yesterday I was able to sit with lots of pillows and I finished my January BJP! Yipee!! Only 11 more to go!!
This is suppose to be a Western Tanager but my colors aren't quite right. I still think he's rather 'pretty'. The edges are not finished with beads as I usually do. I plan to use each journal quilt to make one large quilt. This may or may not work out as I haven't planned it out yet. Worse case, I'll go back and finish the edges of each piece with beads. Leaving my options open at this point!

I used a pattern from Helene Knott that was in the American Quilter (March 2011 issue). Helene also has two other bird patterns that I'm going to use for beading two other journal pieces. One is a Blackpoll Warbler and the other one is a Painted Bunting. I think I'll work on that one next.
I was also able to make a beaded ring for St. Patrick's day. I don't have a green top to wear and being laid up for the past few days put a squelch to buying something. So here's my green I'll wear today.

We're actually going to John and Marilyn's to attend their annual St. Patrick's Day dinner (see last years post here.) They are having around 20 of us over and each bringing a dish to pass. I'm make my cheesecake cupcakes. Carol is making Irish soda bread which is so good.
It's good to be almost back to normal but I'm signing off now to go and lie down for a few, then I'll frost my cupcakes! Happy St. Patrick's day!


  1. i love your tanager robbie! i really like the details of the beads swirling in different directions on his breast area. so much more interesting than just straight lines filling it in. i don't care if the colors "aren't right"...i think it's perfect just the way it is!

  2. He is really lovely. Glad you are feeling better! it must be almost time to come back to the hinterlands....

  3. su manje like it...
    but i can't make it

  4. That birdie is gorgeous! I am inspired by your work!

  5. Robbie that is just beautiful! I love how you translated the pattern into beads...perfect. Be well, my dear :-)

  6. Your bird is awesome and so is that branch! It looks like I could reach out and pluck it right off the quilt. So realistic!

    Take it easy - don't be too anxious to get back in the swing of things.

  7. glad your feeling better! Hope you back to 100% quickly! Love your bird :)

  8. Your bird is awesome. I feel like such a slacker when I see such intricate, lovely work!
    Feel better!

  9. This bird is fabulous! I like the quilting around it too.

    My mother would have loved your work too.


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