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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Milestone!

We had a wonderful weekend at Kalya and Nate's wedding!!!

First off we arrived Friday afternoon at the Double Tree Hilton in Lawreneburg in Indiana.  The hotel was beautiful and the wedding and reception were held within the hotel, which was so nice and convenient.  We met up with other family members and checked into a beautiful room.

Yes, most women are obessed with the bathrooms at hotels...and I was no different!  Loved the bathroom...except for the makeup mirror!  Let's face it...I aleady know how many wrinkles I have...I don't want to see them up close(er) than I already see them!!

The seating area was perfect and view from the room showed the street and surrounding area...we were on the 7th floor so that made it even nicer then the ground floor(s) we are usually on (due to dogs!).  

Actually, Kentucky is behind us, across the river, were were in Indiana and Ohio was just around the corner...guess it's called the Tri something...which fits!

Friday evening was the wedding rehearsal....I think it all became real to us when Ron (Bob's son) walked Kalya down the 'aisle'.   Kayla was beautiful....

Next up was dinner hosted by the groom's family at a local country club, which in itself was a sight to see!  All the golfers were going crazy! as most of the course was on a hill!  Of course, I'm sure most of the men wanted to play the course vs attend a wedding!  BUT that wasn't to be!  HA
Dinner and the evening were so much fun...all the the groomsmen were charming and just nice young were the bridesmaids.  Never met such a great group of kids...scratch that...adults!

Saturday morning we headed downstairs for breakfast then we decided to head to the Casino, which was less than a mile from the hotel...easy to get to via a walkway.  We asked others to go but only MaryJo's father, Bob,  went with us.  AND guess who hit on $500! No, not me! was luck actually but I consider a win a win!  Bob thought he was playing the nickel machine when in fact he was playing the $5 he hit the 'spin' once and nothing...he hit the 'spin' the 2nd time and "ding, ding, ding"!!!  Kinda funny...I won $140 which I was very happy with!!  Just a fun few hours...and it paid for the weekend and dog boarding!  Can't complain about that!

Next up was getting ready for the wedding, which was at 4.  Again, so convenient to take the elevator from the room down to the wedding hall.  The room was beautiful with all the windows, it was just so bright and lovely.  Hard to take pics but a beautiful setting.  The ceremony was performed  by a minister who lived in Mitchell, IN when the kids were growing up.  And he did a great job!

There's always picture taking after a wedding and here are a few more.

Of course, 'me', Kayla, Nate and Bob

Bob's son's family:  Ian, MaryJo, Kayla, Nate and Ron.

I know the pics are dark...but if you're really interested you can click and enlarge to see...otherwise, this is just for me to  have a document of the wedding!

The reception was wonderful!!!  So much fun watching all the young kids enjoying themselves and doing it in a respectful way!  

One of the most touching moments was Kayla's dad, Ron, giving a toast.  He told the story of Kayla learning to ride a two he didn't want her to fall...and after the training wheels were off he put a stick in place of the wheels....he said he was passing on that stick to Nate to make sure Kayla never falls....I am paraphrasing,of course, but you get the jest.  There wasn't a dry eye in the hall and I have it on tape!  Just a wonderful moment!!

So we ate, drank, laughed and danced...having a great time with family and friends.

I can't thank the kids, Ron, MaryJo and Nate's parents (Dinah and Ron) for allowing us to share in this special weekend!  It is a milestone for the Payne family!!


The Inside Stori said...

What beautiful memories for your beautiful family!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely wedding party!! Glad your trip lead you to such a nice area. We occasionally go to the casino. I play the quarter's all fun. But I have an addictive personality and only spend money I have allotted for the entertainment or I'd mortgage the house.

That sounds funny, but one of our neighbors found her husband was gambling away their savings. I knew someone he approached to buy their house. When I asked his wife why they were selling, well the S**T hit the fan.

The Pottawatomie Indians are going to build a community including a casino in South Bend. Just a short walk for me, lol.
xx, Carol

Nancy said...

What a lovely weekend and beautiful couple! The photo of the wedding party is so nice- I like the color she chose. Sounds as if everything went smoothly right down to the winnings paying for the whole weekend. Glad all went well.

Quilter Beth said...

It sure looks like you all had fun. What a beautiful bride. Isn't it nice to be able to share in the milestone moments of those we love. Oh, congrats on the wins at the casino too!

Linda Steele said...

Lovely to see the wedding photos, what a wonderful time you all had.

Createology said...

A beautiful wedding with loving family and friends is priceless. The convenience of it all makes it that much more enjoyable. Beautiful photos and wedding colors.

benilhalk said...

Glad that you had a great time in this wedding! The couple looks adorable and their wedding spot is equally superb. Currently searching for royal themed wedding venues within our budget. Hope to find one soon.