My Favorite Books

Monday, December 7, 2015

How nice!

So look what I received in the mail on Saturday!!  It's a needle holder book made by the talented "Miss" Sherry from Createology!  Isn't it adorable!!!

You know how much I love hand work so I certainly will use this to hold my needles!!!  THANK you so much, Sherry!  You are such a sweet, kind soul!!!

The book was wrapped and placed inside this card!

And look how nicely she even packaged the little book!  So very thoughtful!

Do check out Sherry's Createology blog.  She is so talented at making the most unusual, thoughtful and usable gifts for folks!!!

Thank you again, my friend!!


  1. Sweet gift- the Scottie is so bright and cheerful!

  2. Robbie Dear you are sew very welcome. I am very fortunate for all you have gifted and shared with me...especially your friendship! Christmas Bliss...