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Thursday, January 22, 2015


My life has been quite busy this past week!  I left on Saturday to visit with my sister and Nancy at their home in Apollo Beach.  The new house is wonderful but guess who forgot to take pics!!  Guess we were all too busy talking, eating and traveling around!  This is a view from one area of their Lanai.  So very peaceful and relaxing!

Saturday my sister made a fabulous dinner for seven of us.  It was delicious!!!!  She made Haluski,  baked pork chops, asparagus and lemon and chocolate cake for dessert to celebrate my BD!!! A fun evening of eating, talking...yep...more of those things!  Just a really nice evening.

Saturday we took off around 10:30 to head to Sarasota to do some sight seeing and have lunch.  The big plus was we took both the little dogs with us (Kalee and my sister's dog, Sherry).  I don't remember the name of this statue but you can see us at her foot!  That's how big it is!!!

It was a beautiful day for walking around the downtown area and did the dogs good too!  We didn't get home until late afternoon but certainly had our fill after a great lunch!  I had the best crab cake sandwich ever at the Crab & Fin Restaurant!!!  We were able to sit outside to eat so our dogs could lay beside us and rest!  Sherry and Kalee were both good.

Saturday evening we sat and played SkipBo...I really didn't remember (or is it know!) how to play this game.  I'm sure I remember the kids having it but the rules could have been different.  Of course, I only won one game.  Nancy won the most games and my sister was right behind her.

It really was a fun game and a nice evening!!  Monday morning we headed out to Lowe's to pick up some flowers and other items for their house.

Kalee loves going shopping and sat very well in the cart!

As did Sherry!!  She looks like a little fox sitting in the woods!

I guess my sister has been looking for a fireplace unit for the Lanai and this is what they found...although, when they bought it the base was not white!  As soon as we got home,  my sister promptly spray painted white to match the rest of their furniture.  Their Lanai is quite large, with three different seating areas, so this really adds to the room.

  After my sister finished spray painting!, we headed off to the Goodson strawberry farm!  For....yep...strawberries and of course jam!!  So, so good!!!  The three days did go by fast and it's so great my sister lives  close to us here in Florida!  Sure beats driving over 7-8 hours one way to visit her in Pennsylvania during the summer!!  They are snow birds too!

So now back to life in Ocala Palms!!  Dinners...laughter....meeting friends.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Carrabba's!  There were 14 of us and just a great, fun evening!!

   Tomorrow it's dinner at Harry's then to a quilt show on Saturday with Susan then meeting the gang at a music show on Saturday....thank goodness I did some cleaning and laundry yesterday!  Won't get much else done the next few days!


  1. So glad you had a wonderful visit. Again, you packed in a lot. What fun for the dogs to travel right along for every adventure!

  2. It sounds like you're having a blast down there in the sunshine! It's gray, gray, gray here so I love looking at your sunny photos.

  3. You are so right! You HAVE been busy. I think you pack as much in a few days and I do in a few years LOL
    xx, Carol

  4. Sounds like it was a whirlwind of fun....When I first saw Kalee with her little hot pink fluff on her head, it reminded me of Ireland where all the sheep have dots of color - many hot pink and on different parts of their body - to identify who they belong to...Kalee is a cutie!

  5. You really do know how to enjoy your days to the fullest. Lovely photo of you and your sister and the two fur-children. Keep Celebrating Dear...