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Monday, January 5, 2015

We've been here a week already!

Yes, time does fly doesn't it!  A week ago we arrived in Ocala and I feel like we never left last spring!  So easy to feel at home!  And it was nice being able to stay at home the past two days.  Today, Kalee and I headed off to pick up my sewing machine.  The tech wasn't in so I couldn't thank least for now...there was no charge as he "tweaked" the power cord unit...he's thinking that was/is the problem.  The cord attachment has always been loose so I'm anxious to get that baby sewing again!
Yesterday, while Bob golfed and before the Lions played (boo hoo!), I did gather materials to start stamping or screen printing fabric for my fiber cards.

I cut out some heart stamps and gathered some of my other supplies.  I still need to make a run to the dollar store for some foam board and plastic containers.

Of course when the game came on I started to knit!  I'm about 1/2 finished with my shrug and hoping we get the cooler temps so when it's finished I can wear it!

It doesn't look like much now...but it will!!

Not sure I mentioned our one hiccup we had on the way down!  A stone chip!  Well, not really a chip..heck, it's a blow out!  Holy smoke!  They are coming tomorrow to replace the entire windshield, which is good as there's now a crack moving across the windshield, right in front of the driver's view!

My new car, as of August, so it's still new to me!  Oh can be repaired.

This afternoon I'm headed out with Marilyn & John to go see the movie Unbroken!  I'm really excited to go see it.  I have the book on order at the library but it's not in yet.  After, we'll meet up with Bob for dinner.  He doesn't care to go to movies and besides he'd rather golf!  Go figure!

Friday, I'm off with Marcia, one of the Zippers from last year to do some shopping.  Not sure what activity we 'Zippers' will do this year...maybe just stick to activities on the ground!  Who knows!


  1. Sounds like you are settling in....too bad about the fifty some years of driving.....I've never had a windshield crack till we moved to the it's constant!

    Sorry about the Lions.....well....maybe!!

  2. Too bad about the crack but convenient that they'll come to you. Tempis fugit- a week already?? Husband Jack found a stray up near I-75 and she's sweet, but in bad shape. So we're working on rehabbing her. Did not need another animal, but he could not leave her behind in that shape! These critters find us. Glad your machine is home with you. I like those stamps.

  3. Lots of rocks break our windshields. The last one was over $2000 out of our pocket. Yikes! Thankfully the rock didn't come through. Reads like you are off and running...