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Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy BD to me!

Yep...hard to believe it's another BD!  These were delivered yesterday and are from my daughter and Jeff.  They are beautiful and the card is so cool.  Don't you love the colors!!

  Last night we celebrated my BD along with Harvey's BD (my friend Susan's hubby) and 10 others (aka the gang!).  We had a great meal at Blanca's then back to Susan and Harvey's house to have cake!!!  In fact, our resident baker, Verna, baked two cakes!  One for me!

And one for Harvey!

And cupcakes for everyone else!  Verna makes the BEST carrot cake and she is so kind to make the cakes for the entire gang's BD's!!!!  Thank you...thank you, Verna!

And these are some of the wonderful cards and gifts I got from everyone.  Although, I'm afraid my reputation is going down hill!  I don't want to count the number of cards that has something about TeaQuila or Margarita's in them!!  Even from my grand daughter!!!

And check out the card my buddy, Susan gave me (it was the first BD card I received)!!  Is this perfect or what!!!  I did make it my picture on FB but think I better change back to Kalee or Bob and I!

 It sits up (and opens) but couldn't hold the "99 cents for a margarita"!!!   That was Susan's comment inside!   I love it!  This will sit in my sewing room at home & here in Florida!!   Of course Carol, Verna, my friend Mary back in Michigan and my grand daughter each gave me a card about 'drinking'!

And, Susan also gave me this beautiful journal!  She certainly knows how I love my journals...I'm already inspired by this cover!!!  Is it beautiful or what!!  Thank you Q buddy!!!

I'm thinking it would be perfect for MaryAnn Beckwith or Rick Loudermilk (two artists for our Masters Exhibit).

Can't wait to start working on a project with this as inspiration....but fiber cards are calling me as well as my structure piece, which is due the end of this month!

I also received a really nice sugar or 'whatever' you want to put in it condiment jar with a beautiful spoon (you can see it in the picture of the cards and gifts above).   Thanks so much Jan F.!  And Jan M. gave me a beautiful flower arrangement from her garden (as well as a really pretty beaded mirror and some lotion!).   And Pat and Patricia gave me a Florida lottery ticket!  How cool!

We were going to go out to dinner with Carol and Tony to one of our favorite eateries, Harry's but Bob's has had a cold the past few days and not feeling up to Parr!  I can't see spending money on a great meal and not enjoying it.  So, we'll hold off until next Friday.   Although, he is golfing today!  Go figure!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm heading south to visit with my sister!!  WooHoo!!!  I am so excited to see her and Nancy again!!  I love my time with them both and look forward to laughs and of course good food!

And Happy Birthday to Sally (FB or blog)!  She's not been posting on her blog as much as on FB but do check out her past posts (if you're not on FB) on her blog.  Beautiful work for sure!!!

Until next week sometime....


  1. Have a wonderful day and the beginning of another fabulous creative year. !

  2. That card is so eye-catching. I noticed it before I noticed the flowers. But that cake!! Oh my, Verna. Your card from Susan might be fun to thread sketch the image? I could see it on the cover of a journal... with a beaded rim yet! There you go- get busy. Enjoy your trip "south" to your sister's place. Safe travels.