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Monday, January 12, 2015

Freezer Time's Freezer time here in Florida!  That's the Freezer restaurant...well, not really a restaurant...a bar...a grill..tiki's just a dang good place to eat.  Now if you're picky about your food or service or not a seafood person, this place isn't for you!!

The Freezer is known for their steamed shrimp and this is how it's a styrofoam container!!  Before you receive your food, you 'belly up to the bar, bud' and place your order and carry your own drinks to your table!  What a hoot!!  And the line is always long!!!  It's cash only too!!!

Bob always orders a pretzel for each of us...and its huge!!!

And my drink of choice....served with salt around the rim of the plastic cup!

Just another great time with Jan & Larry and Karah and Howard!!  Of course, we HAD to stop at Dairy Queen on the way home!!  It's a tradition...besides we figure Larry has stock in DQ and we want to help his retirement fund increase!  It just wouldn't be the same to end our night and NOT stop at DQ...

It will be eating out again for a few nights this week....99 cent Margarita night on Wed., meeting the 'gang' on Thursday to celebrate 2 BD's (Harvey and mine), then Friday for a BD celebration at Harry's!  Sat. I head to my sisters......Bob is in traveling golf league today so it may be a leek/potato soup night for me.  I made potato leek soup the other day and have some leftover for me to eat.  Need to get walking with Kalee but it's really humid out!  Unusual for Ocala this time of the year but it beats the snow!!!


  1. Okay....looks great...but I'm a bubbly kinda gal.....Cook Extra Dry.....not expensive....but rocks my world......however, I'm good with anything you serve. WHAT you say? Yes....I am really and truly working on finding a way to come visit you and Kay!!!

  2. Time for good food with good friends! I developed an allergy to shrimp in just the past few years. Used to love it, and it still looks darn good!

  3. Shrimp is one of my favorites and this looks like fun. Happy Birthday celebrating wth friends and family.