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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Back to art work!

Being without my sewing  machine (she's at the doctor's!) makes you feel like something is missing in your life!  Even though I probably do more hand work than machine work I still feel a little disjointed!
Our online group challenge, 'structure', is due the end of January so I had best get busy, right!  I decided before we left Michigan I would use this piece I started awhile ago (and I do mean awhile ago!  October, 2010!).
This will be the background for my piece, which is 12" x 18".  You can see/read about the process on my post here.   I was used English paper piecing technique to create this background. There are hand dyes, commercial and silk duponi in the piece.

This is a picture of the back.  It was all hand pieced.

Now to add some hand stitching.  I can see 'structures' in the piece but maybe no one else can!

I am so excited to be staying home today and tomorrow!! I'm just doing some laundry, playing with this piece and of course, two walks for Kalee!  She's loving it here in Florida...almost as much as Bob!


  1. Ahh the sewing machine retreat. Your foundation fabric is fabulous! Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. Structures? yes, I can see it. Glad you have some creative time to jump in with a project.

  3. I can see the structures - but yes, I think adding some handstitching will enhance that. Will be fun to see what you'll end up with ;-)