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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Food Time (again!)

Because I'm SO busy eating out....I had created this post but it never got to be "posted"!  So since I'm busy getting some of our items packed up to head home in May, I might as well post this now!!  And tonight is 99 cent margarita night...may be our last visit until next year!

This was from March 31st!'s been eat, eat, eat...and yes, a few drinks too!  But mainly it's been having fun nights out with friends!

On Monday, we headed out with Howard and Karah to meet up with Larry and Jan then off to the  FREEZER!
In case you are wondering what it says on Howard's shirt...

The Freezer is one of our favorite places to eat...right on the water and no wait staff!  You place your order for steamed shrimp, baked pretzels, clam chowder at the bar!  Oh, drinks are super cheap...

Here are Jan & Larry, hamming it up!

 At the Freezer, I get a Mike's Lemonade Margarita with a plastic cup that has salt on the edge!!  Cheaper than if I would purchase at the local grocery store.  Who knew!  Your wine is also served in a plastic cup!

But it's the best steamed shrimp around!!  You are given your order in a plastic to go box...but who's the best!!!

And of course, the company is perfect!  Lots of laughs in between mouthfuls of shrimp!

This is one of our empty containers!  Might not look very appetizing but the seasoning on this steamed shrimp is!!!

And last but not least, we always have to stop at another local hangout!  Can you guess!!

Gotta love our adventures at the Freezer!  Of course, Wednesday was 99 cent margarita night, so guess what we did last night!  Yep..another night out with friends!

And tonight was our usual Thursday night with the 'gang' at our community restaurant.  Delicious meal, good drinks and laughs galore!  The best folks are here in Ocala for sure!  Life is good!


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