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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines from my friends!

Check out the great Valentine's I got from some of my friends!!!

How about this little girl!!! My friend, Susan, made this card from a picture on a Hallmark Valentine card! Isn't she the cutest and doesn't she look like Kalee!!! I just love this Valentine!

This next one is from my friend, Mary, back in Michigan! Mary does a lot of hand stitching and I love the saying! "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is Silver and the other is Gold"! Mary is so clever and I love this one too!!
And this one is from my friend, Lois Ann, who now lives in Italy!! LoisAnn is a wonderful artist and of course the wine glasses are perfect aren't they!! LA is so talented...check out how she blends her colors and her stitching. Love it!!
These are some watercolor sheets LoisAnn sent me with notes on the back. Aren't they beautiful!!! The feathers are beautifully done and the 'southwest theme' is perfect for me!!!

Thank you each for my wonderful Valentines!!! I'm so fortunate to have such special friends!!


  1. Beautiful gifts! You are lucky to have such giving friends.

  2. That one sure does look like Kalee... it's perfect. And all the others are lovely, too. You got a nice collection of Valentines! Thanks for the SewCalGal link. That's great resource.