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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ocala in the news!

Yes, Ocala is in the news a lot lately...not only for one of the Bachelorettes (she was/is from Ocala) on the Bachelor TV show but...
Cyndi over at Beading Arts posted on requesting bead shop owners or bead shop clients to let her know about local bead shops! Well, you know how much I just love The Bead Strand here in Ocala so of course I sent her information. Cyndi posted on our wonderful bead shop on her blog today! Check it out here! I think it's so great that Cyndi is promoting our local shops! It's funny, because I don't shop online for beads! Go figure! I shop for most everything else and I would if The Bead Strand had online shopping (which they may in the future!).
We do need to support our local bead shops (and other local businesses) so that's why I spend the $$'s here in Ocala! I knew there was a reason I was spending so much money during the winter!
I'm really looking forward to seeing other local shops that Cyndi posts on. You might also be interested so make sure you join Cyndi's blog(s)! and follow her so you don't miss anything. She always has lots of tutorials and tips to share as well as free ebooks and those you can purchase! I have several of her ebooks and reference them. Thanks, Cyndi!! Can't wait for the next bead shop post!


  1. Just look at all those luscious beads!

  2. Well, yay! Good job on promoting local shops. I'm with you... online works for some things, but a local shop needs the support of shoppers. Just went on a bus trip to Patchwork Pig in Lakeland, and Rainbow's End in Dunedin, two very nice local quilt shops in charming towns. They both did big business today.