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Friday, December 23, 2011

Yes, another recipe!

I spent the day preparing for Christmas Eve with my kids and packing up some items for our trip.
I also made this Black and White Bark candy which is a recipe from Tommy F. on Tommy Cooks blog. Tommy's recipes are usually very easy to make and this one is as well. Plus, it's very good! I saved a few pieces for Bob and I and we've already eaten them.
I honestly can't believe the wonderful weather we've had lately! No real snow to speak of and temps up until today were in the 40's. Today it was only in the low 20's but Kalee and I did go for a walk. She wore her boot and coat (I'll post pics on her blog shortly. She loves the cold weather. Fortunately, the Ocala weather in the winter isn't in the 80's very often. Which is fine with me as well. The weather there always reminds me of spring weather or early summer with temps in the 70's. Always a breeze and never humid in the winter. Perfect for this snow bird.
Well, I might have to steal a piece of candy from my container for tomorrow! Hope no one misses another piece or two!

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