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Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes, I am getting back into a routine, finally! Today was coloring the gray roots, so after taking Kalee on two walks early a.m. and mid morning off to hairdressers I went. That does eat up about 3 hours of my time so I didn't get back home until after 2.
For some reason, I was just tired, so I admit I just watched a DVD movie (Switched, I think was the name) and beaded some. Cute movie but of course after, I had to take Kalee on two walks, the last one was about 30 min. ago for her last walk of the day. kalee's doing great on the leash going for walks and her sit/stay and down/stay are doing well too.

Here's the progress on the bottom wing on my butterfly. I think it's coming along pretty good so far but I didn't get much beaded on it yesterday watching the Lions lose their game!! Talk about nerve racking! Geeezzzz I figured they were due to lose but it still was heartbreaking. There's always next week, right!
The veins are all quilted on Dawn's topper.

And I've now started to echo quilt around the leaves and stems. I think the echo quilting is better than trying to do some type of design or doodling. This picture is quite dark but you get the idea.
Tomorrow I have Dr. appt, then some ultra sound(s), Kalee's vet appt and quilt guild meeting. Busy week running all over every day, which I don't care for but I hope to squeeze in some sewing or beading in between all the running. Time management, right!


  1. Both projects are just beautiful! That butterfly is so detailed. Looks like 2 possible dates for you to speak/trunk show at the guild are 1/19 or 3/22. Wasn't sure how late you plan to stay. But something for your consideration.

  2. Really amazing work so far on both of those, Robbie! I'm with Nancy, the detail on the butterfly is just amazing. And I can't wait to see the topper finished, it's going to be a treasured gift, that's for sure.