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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Raising a baby!

Well, it's been a month since we lost our Mandy girl and our lives certainly have been turned upside down. Raising a puppy is like having a toddler in the house. I have a few friends who have small grand children and even one who has raised a grand child and great grand child. I forgot what those days were like. Our grand kids are now 8 through 20 so those toddler years have been erased from my memory!
Our kids don't understand why I need to devote so much time to raising Kalee. As my son said "it's only a puppy, mum". Yes, Kalee is just a puppy but I want her to be a good dog and not a monster puppy/dog. I also want her to be a therapy dog like Mandy was and to be that type of dog she needs good training. I feel it's worth the effort but it is time consuming.
I know the one good out of all of this is the exercise I'm getting! Walking Kalee at least 4-5 times a day gets the old joints moving as does climbing up and down the stairs to take her outside. That's the good side.
The off shoot is the time to devote to training her is certainly taking away from my family and artwork. I have to get into a new routine of working her and then working my old schedule back into our routine. So this week I'm going to try to start a new daily routine. My old routine was to get up, pick up house, decide dinner menu then start my art work or my outings. I now to add in her routine to my routine. Hmmmm I might have to take an online project management course! It's been 12 years since I've had to manage a project so guess I better get started on Project Kalee! OK, so Monday is dye root day, Tues. is Dr. appt, Wed. is puppy class...hmmmmm guess we'll start project management on Thursday!


  1. You are doing well and will be so grateful to yourself in a couple years that you have such a toned body and well behaved dog!

  2. robbie, i had been away from blogland for a while and wasn't around when you lost your precious mandy. although belated, i want to send you sympathies. i could tell in your posts how much she meant and how much you love her. your new puppy project will surely keep you busy! but i'm sure she'll bring lots of love and fun into your world!

  3. The pay off will come, and puppyhood doesn't last forever! I think it's called "front loading", right? When you put the effort in at the beginning and then reap the rewards later... a good companion, good traveler, therapy dog that brings joy and comfort. Good for you!