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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One step at a time!

Working on my daughter's table get the leaves on, I've been tracing a semi leaf shape onto organza, then 'attempting' to stitch down when or if I can see my traced lines. Because the organza is so delicate, the tracing goes right through the fabric and really hard to see. I know some folks use freezer paper as a shape but I didn't want to be ironing on the organza.
So, instead I made a leaf template from some lightweight cardboard. Then I placed a a small piece of double sided tape to both sides (I do turn the leaf for different direction of a leaf).
I place the cardboard leaf on the top on a square of organza and then just stitch around it!

How simple is this! Geezzz I was able to eliminate one and sometimes two or three! tracings of the leaf onto the organza. Because the fabric is so sheer at times I couldn't even see the leaf shape once it was on my background fabric.
Here it is all stitched and my next step is to cut away the excess fabric around the stitching. Once I have all the leaves stitched down, I'll then FMQ the veins then FMQ the entire piece.
One step at a time! I'm sure someone else has already come up with this idea but for those who haven't seen the freezer paper used and/or you are working with more delicate fabric you don't want to iron...just grab some cardboard and stitch away!


  1. Clever solution! Doesn't it feel good to come up with something that works so nicely?

  2. Great idea, not just for hard to see lines.

  3. Brilliant. Your leaves are beautiful. Fabulous Fall...