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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My version of 'green'

I figure most blogs will be covered with Shamrocks, Leprechaun's and what not so thought I'd not do that this year (I did put a cute Leprechaun on my blog post last year!). Anyway, you'll see my 'green' for this year further down on this post.
Check out what was on our door step last night when we got home from dinner! My friends Carol & Mary sent me these tulips! Aren't they bright, cheery and just make you think spring!! Thank you ladies! What a surprise!

So here's my 'green' for today! Yep, I'm endorsing a few products! A few weeks ago, Carol mentioned a new product she saw advertised for sponges so we each bought a few. These buggers do work really nice and don't feel like the normal dish sponge when wet. They feel quite sturdy and it's the "greener way to clean" since they are made of 50% agave plant and recycled paper - all natural products!
OK, S.O.S. pads have been around forever and probably the one I use most often but I thought, heck, I'll try their soap 'scrubber's too. I'm hooked on these! You know how those little Brillo pads can rust (ok, so maybe mine sit around too long??). Or how the little Brillo can poke your fingers (I really hate when that happens!) well, these don't do either! They are made from recycled plastic bottles! Go figure! You have to try these the next time you run out of S.O.S. pads! Plus, you're going 'green' for a little portion of your life! You can check out more about their products here. And no, I'm not a paid endorser BUT I can be bought!

Have to finish off this post with some art work. Check out the zentangle card Betty (aka Queen Mother of the weavers group) sent me. Is this cool or what!!!
I love what she did and I'm going to email her to see if I can copy her pattern. Betty noted on her card that she "wasn't too impressed when she first saw it..but now...WOW! It's almost like a mediation." That's what zentangles is all about!

It's going to be a week or two of eating out a lot so I'm going to have to catch up on my walking and exercise (or just don't eat so much!). Tonight is the LaPlante's annual St. Patty's dinner feast!, Thursday and Friday are already planned out with week kids are leaving Indiana to head to sunny (let's hope!) Florida for their spring break and we'll be meeting up with them for lunch or dinner one day. Of course we'll be meeting up with Carol and Tony for more than one evening out (I'm hoping!) and I know Carol and I have a few more days planned of playing, quilting and a lunch or two! Just to name a few of our activities!
So I'll end with a Happy St. Patrick's day to all! Overcast today with rain coming later this afternoon or tonight. Temps only 55 right now but good walking weather so I better get moving!

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