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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm reading War & Peace!

I started to read Stephen King's version of War & Peace! Yikes! I had ordered this on CD but come to find out it's on TWO sets of cd's over 30 discs. I was also 40 something on the list so a few weeks ago I saw the library had ordered the large print book and I put in my 'order'. I was able to pick it up on Monday..yippee!

I'm not kidding about the size of this book..check out the number of pages! I did get to start it last night while cooking dinner and it's got me hooked already!! Geezzzz that's the problem with 'reading' a book vs listening to a book on tape. I can't bead or sew while reading. I'll have to divide my time up as I really want to read this book.
Yep, it was a sleepy day on, the dog isn't dead...just resting. He was one of the visitors at Cracker Days that Carol and I attended at Rainbow Springs Park. This is an annual event and fortunately it was a beautiful day out. So after stopping to get our Starbucks coffee off we went to enjoy a day out.
One of two waterfalls in the park! Just a beautiful sight. Now if I had Stephen King's book with me I would have been all set!
Yes, there were some azalea's out in bloom!

How's this for a photo!
My daughter will be proud of me for taking this photo! You can see the water from any view in the park. it's just beautiful and so nice to be outside walking in the sunshine.
Kayaker's take advantage of the beautiful weather and water at Rainbow Springs Park. I talked to the folks and they said they love to kayak by the moonlight. On a full moon, they said you can see to the bottom of the water and hear the frogs all night long!
Just to show how the vendors are set up outside. It really does remind you of what it might have looked like way back when. There was a young man who did wood carvings that were fantastic! His name is Alex Vichot and you can see some of his carvings here. Check out some of his tables and wall carvings. This kid is good! I would have bought one carving he had of an Indian but it was just too large to try and put in the car...unless I leave Gracie here with Larry or Bob!
This is the rabbit lady who spins the fur from her rabbits. The rabbits do need to have their fur plucked more than once a year and the timing always seems to work. She makes some beautiful items from the fur she spins and weaves. Amber loves to see pics of this lady. Not sure Nick cares but I think he likes the rabbit!
This was the rabbit the lady was plucking the fur from one of her rabbits. This rabbit just sits so quiet and nothing seemed to phase him.
Hmmm I don't see my food processor or coffee grinder! Must be in the tent!

This was the man explaining about all the utensils and tools they used back in 'the day'.

OK, this was kinda gross...these men had some meat hung on a line and were cutting off chunks of it and putting in a pot to cook...glad they didn't ask us to dinner! Check out the dog looking for a handout!
Funny, I loved camping out with my horses and friends and nothing tasted better than food we cooked outside. BUT, my women friends and I were pretty good about making sure everything was refrigerated and cooked 'clean'..I know, camping outside and clean don't seem to go together but we did it!

The breed of this horse is actually called a Cracker Horse which is a Spanish breed. The history on this little horse is quite interesting. Check out the web site for the Florida Cracker Horse Association here.

This is a very short video (make sure your sound is on) of how they used the whip to make the 'gun shot' sound. Pretty cool. They usually had someone doing demo's but we didn't see any of the demo's at the time we were by their 'home'.


  1. First of all, I must say I love Stephen King too! I haven't been able to get my hands on his new book yet so I pulled Insomnia off my shelf and am reading it again.

    all your photos are wonderful! Love seeing those flowers. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us.

  2. I tried reading War and Peace about 5 times. I'd give it up and have to start all over again (probably stopped at the same point everytime). I love Stephen King, maybe his version will be easier to finish? You'll have to let us know.