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Friday, March 5, 2010

Catch up time

This is a fiber card I made a few days ago. I mailed it to my secret Valentine exchange, Joetta! She never received my original fiber Valentine that was sent in to Fiber Arts magazine. You can see a sampling of the fiber Valentines on their web site here. We have done this exchange for the past four years and it's fun to receive them in the mail. Joetta's original fiber card is in the sampling above (as are all of our fiber cards our group sent in!).
I talked about the process of using the sticky back canvas on my previous post. I cut a heart shape out of the canvas with the stamped tissue paper; painted some of the quilted flowers, add two crystals and stitched the edges. Hope Joetta likes it and sure hope she gets this one!!
Wed. afternoon I took my last bead class for this year!! sniffle, sniffle! I've had SO much fun learning different peyote stitches from Lynn at The Bead Strand in Ocala. Lynn is a very patient and fun instructor!!
Check out my beaded peyote triangles! Lynn called this her 'Tip Top Bracelet' class. I'm not going to make mine into a bracelet...but maybe! I just wanted to learn the stitch. Here are some of Lynn's triangles which I think are beautiful!!
This is how they look sewn in a bracelet.
Here is another one Lynn made! I just love the look and she did make it easy to learn!! I'm looking forward to some more of her classes next year.
So, Thursday was another Girls Day Out with Jan, Marilyn, Verna and Verna's friend, Lisa, from Tenn. We went to a great tea room for lunch called The Veranda Gallery and Tea Room. What a great lunch and of course, dessert! We all had half chicken salad on croissant with a cup of soup and salad! I had coconut cake for dessert and Jan and Marilyn split an orange cake, really good too (I had a bite!). Of course, we had to do some shopping at the gallery! Fun items, jewelery, you name it and they had it...BUT the most fun part happened when Jan, Marilyn and I started looking at some cards by Laurie Mitchell. They are called "Listen Doll" and they are a hoot!!! Click on the link and just check some of them out.
The inside of this card says: "Last time I took my bra off for a man he screamed because he thought I had four arms. Happy Birthday "

I'm sure you get the picture as to the humor this lady has!! We laughed so hard and I wish i would have bought a dozen of these cards! Maybe next time!

Had my roots dyed today and just finished making a new chicken dish from Cooking Light magazine...Blue Cheese Stuffed chicken with buffalo sauce. i even found some lot fat blue cheese! Hope it's good!


  1. Love the card you made, I recognized the sticky back piece you posted awhile ago. Good use of it. And I love those beaded bits! Are they flat or dimensional? Can't quite tell, they look like little pyramids except only 3 sides of course. nice work, what fun times you have!

  2. Love the fiber card you made!!!! And scrolling down to the other funny cards.....I resemble that remark! HA!
    You and Jan from Laughing Dog Arts would have a ball working together beading---she is as precise as you.
    I, on the other hand, make a mess!