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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Girls Day Out

This past Monday, Barb, Carol, Peggy and I had our 1st Girls Day Out for the winter! We decided to go downtown Ocala and check out some of the new stores. Only problem..most of the stores were closed on Monday! Go figure!
But before I get into our day, check out the pattern Peggy had on her jacket! I thought this was a great design and I plan on printing on some fabric or tyvek. That's on my agenda for today. Isn't it a great design..
I think I took about six pictures just to try and get all of the design elements.
Back to our girls day out...we did get to go into some of the shops downtown, one was the chocolate candy shop! Of course, it's one I wanted to go into. Yes, I did buy and yes, the chocolate was GREAT! At another small shop I picked up some unusual shoelaces for both Amber and Kayla - WHO by the way made the Dean's List this semester! CONGRATS, Kayla!
So after visiting all the stores that were open we decided to drive a short distance to a small mall that has a unique 'boutique' for furnishings and also just happened to have a small cafe in the back! Of course a girl has to eat, right!
I can't think of the name of the store...but they really have some nice decorative type items for the home along with cards, cooking items, etc. But let's get back to the food! here's a pic of the back of the store where the cafe is.
Yes, they had desserts! And the cakes, which are made on site, are the best, I repeat, the best cakes around! It's really a good thing we don't live here! I'd never bake again but I'd sure be buying lots!
Because I checked out the desserts first, I made sure to save room so I just had a spinach salad which was really good!
The three ladies each had their chicken salad plate. check it out! They all said it was great and it did look just as good.
OK, here's what you were waiting for! I had the chocolate cake and it had frosting on top then a chocolate frosting on top. YUM! I did take home some bread pudding for Bob and he thought it was the best ever. I tasted it and I have to agree with him. It was delicious.

I didn't get pics of the cake Barb had. It was a strawberry cake which looked similar to my chocolate except strawberry. Barb said it was wonderful as well. the only problem with this cafe is it's location! It's on the way to and from the library!!! Carol and I could be in trouble!!!
Well, I'm off to play with printing out the fabric above. Hope I have something to show for it!

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