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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday and another outting

Before I get into our day today...check out the stain glass piece that Jan bought Larry for the master bath here at our rental house. It's, click on the picture and check out the golf ball in the bottom/center of the piece. It's really beautiful and I didn't see the golf ball until Jan pointed it out. Very nice isn't it!
We had 28 degrees this a.m. so Bob and I tooted around again! Temp did get up to mid 40' least it's still 42 @ 5:00 p.m. We went to Sam's, then to HH Gregg (similar to Best Buy), next onto Staples then to Best Buy. We're looking at new laptops which is kinda fun. You get to talk to everyone then get to research online, which Bob loves to do. You can really find out some good info by searching on a product that's for sure.
I started dinner when we got back then went in to finish up a few more Valentine fiber cards. I can't show the entire card(s) but took some pics of the pieces before I finished the edges.
I used Etal metal on this piece along with another piece of metal for a heart background.
This heart background is metal and the heart insert on this one and above is made by printing on tissue paper! I love printing on different mediums! As long as my printer accepts it, beware, as it will be printed!

The background heart on this piece is from a piece of chocolate candy wrapper from a gift my friend Carolyn gave me. Nope, we don't waste anything! I just finger pressed it then fused Misty Fuse on the back, traced and cut my heart shape then stitched onto my background. The pink is obviously a commercial fabric I've had for years and I'm almost out. I might make one more Valentine season using it!
My friend, Carol, and I went to Joann's on Monday and I bought some yarn to make another twisted scarf. This one is for me and if the weather keeps up I might just be wearing it down here! The green is a little more green then what shows in the photo but it matches my coat perfectly. I gave this twisted knitted pattern to my friend and she's going to make one too.
Wed. I'm going over to Susan's for a pre-weavers meeting show and tell. I haven't seen what she's working on since she and Harvey came to brunch last August. I posted about a stain glass applique piece Susan was working on while they were in Michigan this summer. You can see the piece she was doing here. Susan decided this piece was really too small to enter in quilt shows so she enlarged her pattern and started a new one! From what I understand, she's working on the border. I don't know that I'll be able to post a photo until she gets it entered into a show but maybe she'll let me take a picture of a corner. Susan's workmanship is outstanding and deserving of the ribbons she's won in the past and more I know she'll win in the future.

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  1. Oh guh, I LOVE your post cards! And your stitching is so pretty, I long to make stitches like that. :D