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Sunday, January 17, 2010

BD time!

I did get one small piece of art work done..this is a fiber post card I made for a friends BD. I'm going to start quilting my 'puzzle' piece as soon as I'm dong blogging!'s time to talk about my BD!! yep...63! Hard to believe. Amber and I were talking about how old I was and I said 63 and that's really old. Then I suggested to Amber that we add the '6' and '3' together and that's how old grandma is! Nine! Amber, the studious child she is, said "that's not right, grandma, because I'm 10 and you can't be '9'". I then said that '6' and '3' ('9') is in grandma years! That worked for her and she laughed quite a bit about that.
The kids (Darrin, Kris, Amber & Nick) sent me this jogging outfit for my BD along with some great cards. I told Kris (my DIL) that I was wearing the pants to the jogging outfit they got me for Christmas every morning! Now I have two of these in white/black and this one! I love them!!! And Dawn sent me some 'diet' food! This is the food you eat then you diet!! Edible Arrangements has the best food!! You can see I did eat one of the chocolate covered orange slices as soon as i opened the box!
It was so good!!! This is another box that arrived! Check these out!!! They look delicious but I'm going to be good and only eat one a day! yea, right!
Last night our friends joined us for my BD dinner at Carrabba's. Carol & Tony built their house here in Ocala Palms about 6 or 7 years ago. They are the reason we came to Florida for a '10 day visit' that turned into a 3 month yearly event!
Each year since we've rented in Ocala, Carol and Tony have joined us for my BD dinner. Sammy and Peggy joined in our BD ritiual about 3 or 4 years's so nice to share my BD with our friends! And I just love Carrabba's!!
I made a BD cake yesterday so when we got back from the restaurant we'd have a dessert. I've been wanting to make this cake for quite sometime.

The recipe is actually for cupcakes but Bob isn't fond of tearing off the wrapper on cupcakes so I thought I'd try to make the same recipe in a cake - and it turned out!!!
This was the cake after we ate our dessert! The filling is similar to a cheese cake texture and is really rich. I made cream cheese frosting which really added to the richness and calories! No Starbucks for me this week!
And here's Carol..Mandy's favorite friend! Carol always feeds Mandy a treat so she gets so excited whenever Carol comes over! She had already eaten two dog biscuits...just waiting to see if Carol had anymore for her!!
This is Tony, Carol's hubby...Mandy figured if he's with Carol then he must have treats too!
Yep, Mandy made the rounds trying to see if anyone else had biscuits! This is Sammy and Peggy who we just adore. They are the best! Sammy does woodworking and makes some beautiful bird sculptures. Peggy does watercolor paintings and has her first commission! How cool is that!

All in all we had such a nice evening. Bob and I are so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends in our lives. Thank you one and all!!


  1. Happy Birthday Robbie, Sounds as though you were as spoiled as I was on Saturday for my birthday!


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