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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday's and Beading

Another BD was Harvey's '16th' BD, you have to read my blog post here about 'grandparents BD age'. The Ziel's invited 14 of us to join them for dinner out...which was a unique experience in itself. Dinner was at Ipanema a Brazilian restaurant here in Ocala. Our friends Carol & Tony have mentioned Ipanema's to us before but we thought it wasn't a restaurant that we wanted to try.
First, I'm not into eating meat other than chicken and Bob eats too much when it's offered to him, hence, I get blamed for him feeling bad afterwards, :)! At this restaurant, after you've eaten from their salad bar (which has over 50 items on it!), the servers come to your table with meat on skewers (sirloin, lamb, chicken, etc.) and slice it right on your plate. For meat eaters, this is your best choice in a restaurant and for non meat eaters your choices are endless. Bob and I both just got the salad bar which was MORE then enough. The food was of the highest quality and delicious but as expected we ate way too much...hence, our reason to stay away from any type of buffet eating! We just can't stop ourselves!!

Here' is the BD man!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARVEY!!
After dinner, the Ziel's invited everyone back to their house for home made carrot cake. The cake was made by Verna and it was fantastic! I forgot my camera at dinner so we stopped on the way to pick it up..hence, we were a little late and I didn't get a picture of Harvey trying to blow out the candles. So here's a picture of the Birthday Cake for 'HA...'

Here are some of the ladies around waiting our turn for the cake and coffee.
Some of the gang enjoying cake and friends. As always, we enjoy the time with our friends here in Florida and last night was no exception. A great group of folks and always fun to be around. Thanks Susan & Harvey for inviting us to share in your BD!!! It was a great night!!!

and here's one of our favorite 'landlords'! Larry is always stylish!
Now on to some artwork. I really didn't want to do a typical 'heart' for my BJP February project but I did end up doing just that! Although, I do have another idea and I just might end up doing that case I don't here's what I started for my February BJP.

For those who read my blog, you might recognize my zentangle designs I did back in the fall. I took a picture of them and then printed on a piece of my hand dyed fabric. To keep with my 8 1/2" x 11" size, I added some pink cotton velvet hand dyed fabric just to accommodate shrinkage, most of which will be cut off.
Here's the quilting I did yesterday and some of the beading I started in one of the zentangle hearts.
Here's a closeup of the beading. This is a rope pattern which I love doing. I just might have to make a stop at my favorite bead shop this week, The Bead Strand. This bead shop is the best and their inventory is like walking into a pastry store! You just want to try every bead they have! This Saturday Nestor Garcia will be having a Cabochon Trunk Show which I'm going to attend. I've never worked with cabochons but would like to see them close up in some bead work.
Temp is 44 and we're suppose to get up to 69 today and 70's the rest of the week, with some rain possible by Thursday or Friday. But right now I need to get on Larry's treadmill and work off some of last nights dinner!!

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