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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last project for a few days....

Yep..won't be doing any sewing with my machine for the next week to 10 days...had to take my machine in to get it's cleaning. I've put this off long enough and finally bit the bullet and took the machine in. My 1090 Bernina is and has been a great machine and I do clean it frequently but there are areas that I just can't get at. Hence, time to spend the $$'s to get a professional cleaning.

But before I took it in I have been busy doing some machine work. I wanted to make a book and found a cool one from Lesley Riley's latest book, Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur, which I bought last summer. It really has some good tips and she had a project using lutradur to make a small booklet. I wanted to use fabrics rather than lutradur so I just replaced the it with fabric and used a fusible interface to back the fabric just to give it some body

First, I took a piece of the interfacing, approximately 10"x 22" and marked the middle by folding top to bottom and then the sides to the middle and marked that as well. Then I just placed pieces of fabric squares on top of the fusible interfacing and then quilted each block.

The top left square is actually the cover and the one directly to the right is the back cover. Make sense...probably cut a two square length in the middle of the piece then it folds in towards itself and makes a book. It's pretty slick and was fun to make.

This is the 2nd and 3rd pages after I did the folding. I added some binding on the sides and just filled in the pages with sayings. I'll post final pics later. Yep, that's one of my zentangle hearts I made this past fall. I just colored it in with markers.

Tomorrow, Carol is coming over and we're going to play with embossing powder, stamping and sticky back canvas. Should be fun just playing! Sat. I'm going to the bead shop and I can't wait. I do need some more beads for my February BJP project. Rain this afternoon but temp was in the mid to high 70's! Bob and I did some shopping and to the GM dealership to get our Saturn Outlook rear hatch fixed..which they did in less than 10 minutes! Talk about great service!

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  1. I have to tell you - that geometric purple and orange batik was one of my favorite fabrics. I fell in love with it and bought YARDS AND YARDS. Over the years, of course, I've used it all up - and, naturally, it's not available anymore.

    It was such a treat to see it again being used on your book.

    Very good fabric selection! LOL


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