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Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabric Art Shop

Today I hit an art quilter's overload! Susan, Verna and I drove to Lake City to visit the Fabric Art Shop. This is the best art/quilt shop I've ever been to..actually I've NEVER been to a real art quilt shop! It was like going to the online store in person!! Yes, this lady was waiting for the 'restroom'! Is this the most artsy rest room door you've ever seen! They told us women come from all over just to use this room!
Here's what the inside of the rest room looks like (oops..someone forgot to put the seat down! I didn't do it!). The outside of the building is also purple.
Here are a few shots of the inside and the stock the shop has! On our next visit I'm going to take some video pictures just so you can have a real tour to appreciate all they carry for the art quilter.
This is a section of Jacquard products! The back side contained an entire section of DynaFlow silk paints! There had to have been at least 8-10 trays full of different DynaFlow paints! They also had Oplalite stamp pads and other stamping supplies, name it and it's sold here! I finally asked what they "don't" sell!
This was some of the Shiva paintstiks, stencils and stamps they have. This wall is taller than I am!
Just some of the embellishments, fabric, ribbons, etc. Keep in mind this is just one small section.
Check out the supply of Tsukineko inks they have! My friend, Karen, in Michigan would have a field day with all these paints!
If you look at the back area, you will see four full of notions. There's also another wall behind the last wall which contains MORE notions!
This was another small area that contained threads. They have Sulky, Superior, Maderia, Bottom Line..I'm not listing them all. You can check out what they carry here. Again I'm not sure what they don't carry but they sure have everything I have used and will use in the future!

I have to say the Fabric Art Shop is definitely the place to spend the morning, go have lunch and then come back to shop. I had art quilt overload when we first arrived! I'm now keeping a list of supplies I need/want as we ladies are going to go back for another field trip before we head back to Michigan. I'm sure some of my friends back home may also place an order with me to shop for them!

If you are in the area of Ocala, Lake City, Gainesville or wherever! The Fabric Art Shop should be a stop you plan for! If you can't get there by car, then do stop by their web site and just browse! I guarantee you will be on the computer for quite sometime just browsing.


  1. This looks like paradise!! Were you hyperventilating?? Where is this place?? :)

  2. Oh wow, I wish we had a shop like that anywhere near me. I've talked to my local quilt shop owner about carrying fabric alteration products and she about bit my head off for it so I don't look for that happening any time soon.

  3. I seriously want to go here. Drool! Drool!
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader


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