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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Dye Dog #3 Progress


So now our local library book sale is over (whew!  That takes a week or two for organizing!), I can get back to working on another project.  Woo hoo!

I did finish the lace top and the Dye Dog #2....I have another knitting project but need to purchase some yarn first...

Here is the final layout for Dye Dog #3!  Of course there will be lots of hand stitching.  I need to work on a quilting design that I can use for the hand work.

I really like the colors of Kay's shibori fabrics.  They are so beautiful and inspiring!

Beth (friend from Florida) and I were working on this dye dog #2 which she has also completed.  I forgot to ask her if I can post a pic of her finished top.  I'm sure she will but don't want to post until I get the 'ok'!  Beth did an awesome can see our first dye dog project we completed here which I posted at the start of our Dye Dog #2.  First Dye Dogs Completed

Not sure if Beth will do a Dye Dog 3 or not!  HA

These are just some of the layouts I played around with...

It was good I put it away for awhile....I like my finished top layout (above in the first pic)...I still may add some other strips if I don't get the results I want with stitching...but we'll see.

this was one of the first layouts.  Always fun to play isn't it!!!  

Rain, rain and more rain for us the past few days.  Amber's college graduation is this coming Saturday but the weather is suppose to be in the mid 60's and NO rain!  Fingers least the ceremony is inside...whew!  It will be a long day as the college is almost 2 hours from us - but Dawn and Jeff are picking us up...until then..........

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  1. Oh, fun! I like the first photo layout if we are voting? But really, it's dramatic no matter what the layout.


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