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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Mother's Day 2023

 What  another wonderful Mother's Day!  I wrote the words in blue on a post Mother's Day 2021 and it still applies: 

Mother's Day always makes me stop and think about my role as a mom or 'mum' (as I called my mum and what my kids call me).  I had my babies starting at age 19 3/4, which by so called  today  'standards' is quite young.  We never had a book to read, other than Dr. Spock's Baby & Child Care, on what we should do or not do or who to think about, being so young to have a baby, we only think of ourselves.  I know as a 'mom' there were events in my life that I should have done better, been there more for my kids and not thought about what I may have wanted.  But that's being immature, right. A baby raising babies is what that time was for me....I have hoped that my daughter and son have realized I did the best I could and as I matured tried to be there for them and support them in their lives as a daughter, son,  aunt and dad.  They have always had the best support system around them with other family members and I have always been and always will be so proud of the adults they have become.  I love my kids and extended family so much and I honestly feel so blessed to have them and I appreciate them so much.  Today is another example of my wonderful family and how generous they are.

We didn't get any group picture this year so I'm going to show the one from 2021!  (Kris' mom did join us so I'm sorry she's not in this one from 2021!).

 I told Darrin and Dawn that if I wasn't going to be living with them during my 'final' days, then we need to make sure we take a family picture so I can look at it while in the nursing home!

We had a WONDERFUL brunch prepared by Dawn again this year...I think Amber was helping her too, she usually does!  This was the menu Dawn sent out!  And each dish was fantastic!  And we all got leftovers!  Woohoo!!

These are the famous cinnamon and blueberry scones...they are so good.  Bob's favorite and mine too! 

This was my plate...sorry but I put ketchup on my hashbrowns...guess I could have waited until I took a picture!  The Quiche and Frittata squares were delicious....

I have to repeat myself and talk about Jeff's bacon!  He grills the bacon outside and it's always SO good!!!  I love it!

I did get a sneak photo of Kris, Dawn and Jeff as we were leaving!  HA HA  So there!!  

Dawn Marie brought me 2 boxes of tulips from Amsterdam - one of her plane stops from her trip to Spain last month!  I put them in the frig for the time being.  There are 24 bulbs in each box...and one box is the Tulip Parrot bulbs, which I love.  I'll be doing a post on tulip planting in the spring within the next week or so!!! 

And Dawn also brought me some spices and a packet of herbs for headache/sinus issues...a gift from her trip to Marrakesh, Morocco!  I'm anxious to try the headache/sinus herb...allergies are really bad for everyone here in Michigan.   Such a thoughtful daughter Dawn is!!!

And Kris got me another Mandevilla plant!  I still have the one she got me 3 years ago!!!  I've kept it in the house during the winter.  No flowers so far but leaves are green!  Now I have three Mandevilla's plants.

And, Kris' mom, Nancy, gave us some home made spaghetti! We had some for dinner and it was really good!!!!!  Thanks, Nancy!!!!  So sweet of you!!!

Amber handed me this sweet treat when we arrived at Dawn's house!  I love dark chocolate, anything, and these have caramel and pretzels and salt on them!!!!  Nothing better...
After we had our family brunch, Darrin took Bob and I to see the new place he is working since last winter, Dana Corp.  They are building a new facility in Auburn Hills, Mi. and  Darrin is the Quality Control Manager of the plant.  They are working on manufacturing parts for electric vehicles.  The plant is awesome!!!!  OMG...Darrin did a great job on the tour.  The building facilities are awesome and they are totally renovating what used to be the George P. Johnson marketing facility.  I don't know the square footage but it's LARGE!!!!  I mean LARGE!!!!!  I'm so proud of Darrin and Dawn for all they have done with their careers and with their lives in general.  How lucky am I to say they are my children.  



  1. You have the best cooking/baking/gift giving family! Happy Mother's Day- so many blessings.

  2. That menu is to die for!

  3. That menu is to die for!


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