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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Some projects just change!

 I beaded this wren back in 2011 when I was participating in the monthly Bead Journal Project.   Back in 2020, I decided to get out this beaded wren that I had attached to a quilted background (9"x11").  You can see that piece and how I messed up the background here!  

I had attached him to a quilted background and he looked just fine...but you know I can't leave well enough alone!

So I painted the quilted leaves around him...ok, not so bad and did add more color to the piece.  Remember this was for a monthly journal project.  Each piece was around 9"x11" and I have framed all of my pieces, with the exception of this one.   My blog header actually has a few of my bead journal pieces that I have framed.

I was testing out disperse dyes on quilted backgrounds...which does work but you really should be careful with what colors you are applying!  Looks like the background was burned while using an iron!  So, that's when I cut him out of the background piece and he's become my current project!

When I cut out the beaded bird, there was some of the background fabric that I had to trim away.  Carefully!!!  Easy to cut into the beading.

When you do that, you also need to paint around the white edges so when the beaded piece is attached to your background, you won't see any white/background fabric.

You can't see any of the white on the brown stem after I painted the fabric around the beads.

The little bugger's stem  is all painted...I'll finish the rest up and then he can be attached to a background piece I quilted earlier this week (no knitting to do until my sister and I come up with a pattern!  HA).

This is the original applique pattern I used for beading the wren!

A closeup of the branch and his belly!  Won't do much on him Ron, MaryJo and Rilynn! are arriving today!!!  We haven't seen Rilynn since our visit when she was about 8 weeks old...she is now 3!!!!  Pics to come in next post!

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