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Thursday, August 18, 2022

What else have I been doing!!!

I'm not just sitting around eating bon bon's and watching TV!  I am working on projects as well as 'stuff' around the house...oh yea, cooking and freezing corn!!! 

This tastes so good in the dead of winter!!!!!  There are between 3-4 ears of corn in each sandwich bag.

This was the first day of freezing...we did another 29 ears on August 11th~

Of course I had to make some bread too!

And a huge shout out to hubby for shucking all those ears for me.  This day he did 29 ears of corn!!!  

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  1. Your kitchen efforts will pay off when you enjoy that corn over the winter! And the bread looks so good. Go ahead and take a day for bon bons and tv- you've earned it.


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