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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Rilynn's Visit 2022!

We had a wonderful 2 days with Ron, MaryJo and Rilynn!  The kids were so great to pick up Rilynn (their grand daughter and 'our' great grand daughter) and travel to Michigan so Bob and I as well as Bob's ex, Mary Jane and her hubby, Jim, could see 3 year old Rilynn!  The kids arrived at our house on Thursday and headed over to Mary Jane's on Friday night.  The kids have to leave on Sunday a.m. early to travel back to Ohio and then on to their home in Indiana! 

I asked Rilynn if she wanted to help me bake a cake!  YES!  She was so good!!!!  I love when the little ones get to play in the kitchen!

Rilynn also helped make the frosting, which she seemed to like!  Cake was really good too!

Friday we decided to go to the Sloan Museum of Discovery and I'm so glad we did!   If you have little ones or grands that are between 2 - young teens, do make an effort to enjoy this museum.  If you're a Genesee resident, there's no admission charge!  Check out the web site for more detail.
And we're off to the exhibits!

 There was so much for kids to do for any age!  Rilynn had a ball from the get go! 

They had a great slide BUT kids had to climb up and down these 'hills' to get to the entrance!  And Rilynn did it!!!!

As you can see in the quick video below!

This was part of the Hagerman Street Gallery.  Kids could go to a market, drive an ambulance (which Rilynn loved!), climb a house...lots of activities for kids.

They had a 'make it - take it' room.  This was Rilynn using scissors for the first time!  She was so cute!  But Grandma Mary Jo did a great job showing her how to use them!  AND we forgot to bring home her 'make it' craft!  We were fortunate that Rilynn didn't know she could take it home or forgot about it!  HA

One of the most fantastic exhibits was Water World!  OMG...this would be an adult engineers delight!  Kids were going crazy with all the different interactive gadgets to play with.  

Yes, they could get wet but we put on an apron they had to protect kids clothes, for the most part!  HA


I love the expression on Rilynn's face on this hands on activity!  They put a ball on a downward pipe, which is then sucked up and is 'spit' out into another tube!  Priceless!

This next video is showing kids frequency based on sound level and frequency buttons.  Rilynn really enjoyed playing with the buttons!  Little ones don't have to know why it works just that it works!

Rilynn really enjoyed this exhibit too.  They had foam balls and netting that was put in a vacuum and the balls/netting would follow inside all the tubes!  You can see the video below...So cute!

And we can't forget those Kodak moments with Great Grandpa!  Rilynn was never shy with either of us from the time she got out of the car until she left!  She would climb up on Bob's lap for him to watch her games or videos with her!  Talk about sweetness!

We can't thank the kids enough for bringing Rilynn up to see all of us!  Kids are now over at MaryJane's and Jim's and I'm sure they are both enjoying this little girl as much as we are!  Hope they have some great pics to share.

I'll cherish the time we had and will be looking at the pictures for quite sometime!



  1. What a wonderful time you had! I loved taking my kids to discovery museums when they were little. Cherish the memories!

  2. She was jumping for joy- literally!

  3. Sherry of createology: Family time is so very precious and PRICELESS! Rilynn is very cute. My Great Granddaughter, Skyler, lives in Tampa FL so I don’t get to see her…only in pictures, videos and face time telephone. She will be 4 later this month. There is a wonderful place in Tampa that looks like your place for young ones. Skyler loves to go there. Making memories!!


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