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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Last Grandchild graduated!


Yes, it's bittersweet that our last grandchild has graduated from high school!  Now the next journey is to graduate from college.   Seems like yesterday Nick was sitting on my lap taking a nap or we were playing in the driveway with his cars.  Now he's graduated, on his way to college and has a girl friend.  Where has the time gone.  

I just love that boy...but now he's a man!
Our Wednesday outing with cousin, Ginny, Amber, me and Nick!

Another Wednesday!

And Nick playing Lacrosse!

This was a crayon artwork Nick did several years ago..another Wednesday project.  

Graduation was really nice and even being held at the DTE outside event center worked out great.  The kids were only allowed 4 tickets and once seated the four seats on either side of you were tied together so they kept the distance...except we all herded inside and outside of the even.  Some with masks and some without...but all in all it went quite well.

Proud mom and dad and a senior who wants to get the show on the road!

And yes, a proud grandma!!!

Auntie was taking pics at the house since she couldn't attend due to shortage of tickets but she and Uncle Jeff at least got to see Nick and congratulate him before the commencement.  Amber was working and grandpa was at home with Kalee and Gigi.

That's our boy...but they forgot or didn't  acknowledge he was cum laude...they actually missed reading it for several of the kids, which is too bad.  They had several different readers of the almost 400 kids so guess they wanted to get through the list.  It was a shame because the kids worked hard on their academics and sports.  

Yes, he may shoot me but this is Nick's friend, Braylon.  I haven't met her yet but hope too as the OHS Varsity Lacrosse team won the 1st championship game and are playing again this coming Wednesday.  Fingers crossed, for both..a win and I get to meet this young lady!


  1. Such wonderful memories! So Thursday came and the quilt??

  2. Congratulations to Nick! Time sure does fly by.

  3. What a nice photo journey through the years! Big congrats to your grandson!


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