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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Rail Fence Quilt Project

 I posted on the start of my Rail Fence quilt top about a week ago.  I noted at that time I was inspired by a quilt I did several, several years ago by finishing with hand embroidery vs machine stitching.  So, I played around with drawing some designs for me to at least get started.  Of course, this stitching never totally goes the same as your design!  That would be too easy!  

This was my final setting

Not sure about the border, other than I like the colors because it matches the hand dyed fabrics.  Although, I am thinking this might make a nice rectangle pillow!  Hmmmmmm

This is my design pattern for hand stitching...well, it's a start.  You have to start somewhere and this gives me a good idea on what or where I want to start.  I stitched in the ditch around the majority of the blocks just to stabilize the top.

I transferred some of the designs on the light blocks to start.  I'm using turquoise on the pink blocks and dark pink on the turquoise/green blocks.  I may add some other colors in between!  

I'm using the heat Erasable Fabric Marking gels by Madam Sew for marking my circles/pattern.  These are very similar and work the same as the Frixion gel pen, but I think I do like Madam Sew's pens better.  

I like to stitch in a hoop to keep the work nice and tight and, yes, I do the old fashion 'stab' stitch.  Up and down...down and up...up and stitch at a time but I think it's very relaxing!

I'll get all the larger circles outlined and then I'll be filling in the empty spaces.  There will be straight line stitching and some small circles and some other funky stitches to fill areas!

Hand stitching is so relaxing to do and I can stitch while watching TV.   No straining my eyes or counting stitches.  BTW...I did find a new knitting pattern!  Isn't this the cutest poncho!  It's called Lattice Lace Poncho and is on Ravelry here.  It does take about 9 skeins of yarn (about a 1000+ yds).  I'm going to head to our local yarn shop and see what yarn I might want.  They do give a few suggestions on the pattern so not sure which yarn I want. 

Good things come in threes, right!  So this will be my third project I'll get to work on.  Let's face it...I don't have any target dates for any of these so I can work on them for the next year!  Which I might end up doing!

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  1. Bravo for doing the hand quilting especially with all those seams. I have never heard of those pens, I'll see if they ship to Australia!


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