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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Progress on Bird of Paradise

A long story on the purchasing of this cookbook , which I won't bore readers with other than I thought I was ordering a different one!  It's the "how" I got to this one!  But, I love this book!  I've already made 4 recipes from it and each one was not difficult and really good.  Some of the recipes, you are given options to using a crock pot, Instant Pot or oven!  (That's where the long story comes in...I thought I was purchasing an Instant Pot cookbook!)  I did see where our library had a copy so if you're interested, check out your local library to scan through and decide if you want to purchase.

My beading work station!

 Working away on my Bird of Paradise...sometimes slowly but making progress.

At least no deadline...Bob and I are anticipating going to a REAL restaurant this week!  So beading will be suspended on that day!!  Can't wait!!!  Until then, I'll keep looking up new recipes!


  1. I love the photo of your work station- all those teeny, tiny beads (and yes, they do seem smaller than ever!) trying to escape. Sharp, sharp scissors needed. What is the red-handled thing? The texture and color beads provide is just beautiful. Enjoy your restaurant outing.

  2. This will be so beautiful...I admire anyone who can do this kind of intricate and slow going but wonderful results. Enjoy your day at the restaurant...we haven't gotten there yet but so looking forward to it.


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