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Saturday, January 30, 2021

It's not my fault!

 That's right!  It's not my fault that I'm interrupting my mono printing, knitting, collage work...I'm going to blame this latest technique to 'play with' on Kathy Loomis from Art With A Needle!  A few weeks ago, Kathy did a post about learning a "magic cross stitch".   Isn't it cool!

Magic Cross Stitch by Kathy Loomis

Sounds simple doesn't it!  Who doesn't know how to make a cross stitch!  Kathy has taught this class in person but also put together a 50 page tutorial you could purchase on how she does the "magic cross stitch".  So guess who purchased the tutorial! see it's all Kathy's fault!  

I have to say when I first started out stitching her technique/tutorial, I had a few 'right brain/left brain' confusion episodes!  But Kathy shows how to do this random stitching in a unique way, which I finally got it (well, most of the time!)!  I really think it's quite clever, even though the process is quite simple.  

So, I started...first I was trying to find the cotton/linen fabric to stitch on...I was anxious to get started (yep, just like a kid!) so I grabbed one of my previous stamped/overdyed pieces.  I haven't asked Kathy about this yet, but whenever I use embroidery thread(s), I always separate them and then place back together to stitch with.  I did notice my stitches were really loose/separated (see pink circle area) so I just started stitching with the six strands and not separate them.  

This was just to get used to the stitchin, I'm not going to finish this.  It was just a snip of fabric to play with.

Here was my start...actually, the background fabric is a deep purple.  It's Cherrywood fabric that I purchased several, several, several! years ago at Huston IQA show!  I tried to alter the color to what it really looks like but no success.  

I have a ways to go filling in more cross stitches on this piece.  I'm not adding to fill in the entire piece only more cross stitches on top of what I have.  It's hard to see but I have placed diagonal lines extending from the cross stitching.  I'll be doing either stab hand stitching (sorry, Kathy!  HA) or free motion.  

My readers  know I get bored easily so of course I had to start another piece before this one is finished!  HA

This is a strip of mottled black fabric that I stitched grid lines with straight stitch (I plan on stab stitching heavy threads on the grid line after finishing each square).  

This is the back of the fabric.

And so I started.......I am not sure what other color of thread I will use for the alternate this point, I don't want to stitch white in each square (which are 2"x2").  

And this is as far as I've stitched.....what will I do with this piece of the other piece?  Who knows...but they will find a way in my art work or perhaps even in a fiber card or two!

Thanks, Kathy for a new technique to add to my 'tool box'...even though it's overflowing with techniques, this is one I'll keep!


  1. Robbie -- thanks for the testimonial! I love your crosses in boxes.

    Your technique of separating the strands is particularly helpful when making French knots -- they're fatter that way.

  2. OK- I'm going to love where this goes! Is there anything more soothing than hand stitching? What fun, Robbie!

  3. I love this kind of hand you are using 6 strands of floss?

  4. Love the contrast of the unstitched squares compared to the wonderful cross stitch textured areas.


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