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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Other than taking pictures I am working on projects!

It's been loads of fun to document the utility box progress...but in between taking pictures I am working on projects!  I actually have one that I can't show yet!  But's a small project but still a project!  HA  I can show this one I did last weekend.

My bud, Susan, from Florida sent me an envelop filled with tea bags!  Here's a note she included with her tea bags.

I played with tea bags several, several years ago and only used a bag in a small 12"x12" piece.  For the life of me I can't locate it but some day I will!  Anyway, I wanted to do something quick with the tea bags for the work Susan put forth drinking all that tea!  So I made some bookmarks!
This is either the front or the back of the bookmarks.  HA
Ditto on above!  HA..only the picture is upside down!

I started off stamping some of the tea bags.  I happen to have some matching tags so I cut out the center/circles on four of them.

Once I had the circles cut out I laid two tea bags wrong sides together and glued  them under the circle edges.

After the glue dried, I laid tags together (wrong sides together) and  stitched around the entire tag on my sewing machine.  The cardboard  wasn't that heavy and stitched easily.

These were fun to work on and I sent the beige one to Susan to thank her.  Although, now I need to do something with all the rest of the tea bags...I may not be thanking her!  Now that I'm finished taking pictures of utility boxes (for a day or two!) I can get back to showing some of my art work!  Maybe!

Today we are headed to my son's to celebrate a belated birthday and 'leaving for college' for our grand daughter, Amber!  She leaves for college on Wednesday!  Sniff, sniff!  I am excited ONLY because she'll be getting her 'exploding box' I put together for her! 

Doesn't look like much but wait until you see a video I did!  I worked on this for several weeks this summer!   Keeping you in suspense?  Hope so!  Stay tuned!


  1. You have a wonderful way with tea bags! What fun, and you were up for the challenge. The rest of the tea bags... I saw somewhere that a mixed media artist used matte medium to adhere them to white cardstock, overlapping so they resembled patchwork. I think they became journal pages, but might also make nice book marks with some additional stamping or fibers. Have fun.

  2. Your bookmarks are beautiful! I wouldn't have thought of doing that with tea bags.

  3. A great idea for tea bags!! Yesterday we were in Elkhart Indiana. I thought of you when we passed a parking lot that had a utility box on the corner that had a picture of the building that used to be on that corner. Someone had enlarged a picture of the building to the size of the box and applied it to the box. It is so cool and a wonderful idea.

    My daughter is enlarging pictures and applying them to wood furniture. Right now she has a picture of the Chicago Skyline she is applying to a six foot long dresser. She never followed my footsteps but she sure has made her own.
    xx, Carol

  4. I love tea bag art and your bookmarks are wonderful. You have given me a great sister I moved away from collects bookmarks, and they are easy to mail. Thank you dear...<3


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