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Friday, August 17, 2018

One down - two to go!

Lois Ann and Carol finished their utility box yesterday!  Bob and I just happened to go past them as we were on our way home from dinner.  We got to help take down their 'tent' and I got to take the final pictures.  I'm sure you'll agree they did a fantastic job!  Now Lois Ann has two more to do!!!

For those in the Grand Blanc area, you can see this piece on Saginaw Street across 
from the high school.  

 Lois Ann and Carol (this is Carol's bird)

Carol and Lois Ann (this is Lois Ann's butterfly)

You can see a building behind Carol's shoulder...that's the Grand Blanc High School.  The principal of the school was kind enough to bring treats for the ladies saying they deserved a break!  Wasn't that nice!

Carol's signed work

A tree, on one side, that Carol created.

He looks quite happy doesn't he!

Carol's bird blends into a group of flowers and foliage which Lois Ann did.

Lois Ann did a beautiful job on the flowers...great shading and dimension.

The flowers flow onto more foliage and Lois Ann's beautiful butterfly!

Just look at the detail.

The blue tent/tarp was loaned to Lois Ann by a friend.  What a life saver it has been for these ladies.  Temp's in the high 80's and today it rained!

Lois Ann almost forgot to sign her work!  The city will be coming over to  a paint a protective coating to ensure all this work won't wear away too soon!

The ladies said someone from the Flint Journal newspaper stopped by to take pictures and talk to them!  I know the city is planning on doing some type of article and "unveiling" too!

Nice that all the artists will be recognized for donating their time and talent to help beautify the city of Grand Blanc!

Lois Ann still has more work to do on the other two boxes (see my previous post)...but she's also had an 'assistant'!  Her hubby!  He was painting one of the 2nd utility box backgrounds! 

I'm so proud of  Carol and Lois Ann!  And I'm looking forward to documenting the other two boxes that Lois Ann will be completing!  The least I can do!  HA


  1. Gosh those boxes are beautiful. I sure hope they get a newspaper article written about them because I know a lot of people will wonder about them as they pass by the completed art.
    xx, Carol

  2. Wonderful, meticulous work- it's a happy piece. They earned those muffins. Glad to know the city will spray or paint a protective coat on these to preserve the work as long as possible. it will be interesting to see how they weather.


  4. It appears they had fun making the boxes beautiful! well done ladies.


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