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Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1, 2018

I wrote this post last year....I still miss my friend and think of her EVERY day!

Good bye my friend..

This post is really more for me than my readers....I have lost a beautiful friend's smile but heaven has gained that smile!  My bud, Sally, passed early on July 1st from cancer.  She had just turned 65 and was excited that Medicare would now take care of her medical bills!  Yep, that was Sally!  Her smile was contagious and as she told me about a month ago, "I will put on a smile for everyone else".  That was Sally.
 Bob and I met Sally and her husband, Dan, the winter of 2015 and it was like we had been friends all our life.  Hard to find both spouses that you like, isn't it!  This was back in 2015 one night when Sally and Dan joined us for dinner!  We enjoyed our time with both of them and went to dinner often these past two years....Sally would have a margarita or two!!  See why I was so crazy about this lady!  And see that smile!!!

Sally and I bonded quickly...sharing stories of our life, loves and dislikes!  HA  I would send her a message in the morning asking if she wanted to "ride shotgun" with me!  And 99% of the time she would!  Even days that her cancer made her feel so sick, she would still toot around with me.

This was taken this past April...I surprised Sally with a shampoo and haircut for her birthday!

She looked so cute and she loved her haircut.  She did lose her hair with the 1st set of chemo but it grew back...hence the hair cut.  With this last chemo, she never did lose her hair...

Of course, we had to get a treat when we went anywhere!  Just what we did!!!  And one of our favorite treats was.....KEY LIME PIE!

Sally was a great wife, mom and she is with her hubby, Dan, grand daughter Alexis, SIL Tom and daughter, Kristen.

Tell me that isn't the greatest smile every!  And check out Kristen's smile...just like her mom!!!

And a special grandma to all her grand children.  This is Alexis, Kristen and Tom's daughter.  They moved to Florida last year and so glad they did.  Kristen was able to be with her mom a lot this past year and I know that meant so much to Sally and Dan.

Sally brought her coloring books over one day but never did color...Gigi took up all her time...interesting...this was the last day that I worked on my blue squirrel....Sally called up and "said since you are beading, I'll bring over my books to color!"

I did start beading again today (Sunday).....and my thoughts were about Sally......hence, this post........

Sally's sense of humor was great too....her sister had knitted this 'purse' for her but when Sally opened the package she thought it was a hat!  She said to me "I thought it sure is a hot hat for Florida!"...yes, she did figure it out at home but was so funny and allowed me to take a picture of her with it on her head!!!

Several of us planned a surprise BD party for Sally this winter!!!  It was held at her daughter's/SIL's restaurant and was so much fun.  You can see my post on that day here.  I am so glad we surprised her and she was surprised!!!  Although, I started to feel bad about lying to Sally so much!  Between giving her a lie to get her to go with me to the beauty shop for her 'hair' day and lying about getting her to the party.....I told her she wouldn't believe anything I said anymore...she told me I was a "good liar'!  HA

Some days we both didn't feel so hot but often said "so glad I came out today...I feel so much better"...yes, that is what friends do for each other.  Sally did it for me as much as I tried to do it for her!

And friends.......

This was taken at Pickin by the Pool this winter.  Dan plays in a band with Karah's hubby, Howard and others.

Sally, Marilyn and I enjoyed a girls day out with shopping and lunch, of course...

We all had similar outfits on and had to take a picture!!!  This was a good day for Sally...she wore Marilyn and I out!!

My friend, Peggy, and I took Sally to Shalom Park this past winter.  It's such a beautiful and peaceful botanical garden area.

We did tire Sally out so she ended up sitting eating a treat and reading while Peggy and I walked around the lake area in the park.  But I know she enjoyed the day!

This was Sally as we walked around the gardens....

My heart breaks for Dan and their family but I'm selfish enough to feel that heart break as well.  I will miss my friend so much....she became my staple in Florida and my 'go to gal'.
You will ride shotgun with me again my friend....and until then you'll always be in my thoughts and heart.


  1. This is such a wonderful tribute to your friend……it’s so difficult losing precious pals……you were both lucky to find each other!

  2. Wonderful friend. Love your tribute. Hugs and prayers for you Robie

  3. Beautiful words for your dear friend. You are right, it is not often you find couples that you like both equally well. What a wonderful friendship. I am sorry she is gone. My heart to you, and her family. such a loss for her earth friends. Sleep and dream beautiful dreams of her.

  4. I understand what you have been through and it is very difficult. It's hard because we cared so much, so we were the lucky ones to have experienced that friendship.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful friend. Some of us are lucky enough to be blessed with friends like Sally. What a blessing.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your friend. The photo memories are precious.


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