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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Where did the week go!

Well, I sure as heck don't know where this past week went!  We got home on Sunday and picked the girls up from the kennel.  Not sure if they were happier to see us or if we were happier to see them!  Regardless, it feels normal to have us all together again.  And before I write about the lost week...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my son, Darrin and his wife, Kris.  28 years ago...seems like yesterday to me!

Monday I had my art meeting and show some of my work I've done the past four months in Florida.  And, of course, I got to see some art from my buds!  I've asked before to share some of their work and I'm sure they won't mind this time as well.

My bud Carol is really getting into painting...she's working on a quilt for her nephew but it's taken a few years to complete!  HA  Only because she's busy doing her watercolor work, which is fabulous! 
These are some of what she's been working on!  She is actually taking online classes from Val Webb, who I wrote about in a previous post.

I'll check with my other bud, LA, to make sure she doesn't mind me sharing her work she's been creating of late.  She too does a lot of watercolor work but has now put her focus and talent back into art quilting!  Which she is superb at! 

After our meeting, I picked up the girls to drop off at the spa, then met Carol for lunch, stopped at grocery store, picked up girls,  made day was looking for new glasses and to pick up Bob's new car (Terrain, which he loves - this is his 3rd Terrain).  Wed. did some more spring cleaning, oven cleaned, laundry then off to Amber's Lacrosse game...she scored a goal right off the bat for her grandma...but they lost.  Thursday, more cleaning, off to dinner, dog walks, yada, Friday was back to look for glasses, Nick's LaCrosse game and in between physical therapy for my sciatic!  Which is doing SO much better!  I am a believer in exercise and finally convinced Bob to even try some today for his shoulders!  AND guess what!  He said he feels so much better!  DUH!  Now to get him to do exercises daily!  Taking bets as to whether he keeps it up!!!


  1. Oh I hear ya Robbie….I didn’t just lose last week….I’ve lost a month in the blink of an eye…….but isn’t it good that we are so engaged in life!?! Love the water colors….very inspirational!

  2. The days and weeks are truly flying by a warp speed. Life is busy and that is the good news. Happy Anniversary to your son and his wife for 28 years. Lovely watercolors by your artsy friend. Keep staying busy and exercising for that is what is keeping you so young and active beautiful Robbie. <3

  3. Time flies, especially when you are busy. Exercise is the only way I can control my sciatic issue. I bet your friend is having fun with those painting classes. The birds are great. We talk about looking for a new car, but I resist. I am spoiled by the room we have in the Element.
    xx, Carol


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