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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do you remember your first?

I was cleaning out some old magazines this past weekend and look what I came across!  First, a letter....then

the magazine!  Back in 2000, I was silly enough to enter a quilt in Quiltmaker magazine Quilt a Diamond Challenge.  I don't even know what prompted me to enter!!

 I had just started quilting in '86 when I took lessons at a local quilt shop in Holly.  We made all the templates from cereal boxes!  And of course, sewed everything by hand!  I stopped around '89 and didn't start back up until I retired in '99.

I won for Best Use of Innovative Techniques.  Yes, this was my own design and I don't even know how I made it.  HA

I remember I was babysitting Amber  at the kids house and Bob called me to say Quiltmaker magazine  had called and I won!  I also won a prize...lots of stuff...threads, rulers, a book , Patchwork Persuasion by Joen Wolfrom, stencils, fabric, a large rotary cutter, metallic thread (which I still have!) and paper quilting templates.   The fabric is now long gone!  HA   But I still have the large rotary cutter and book and rulers!  And that thread!

I  honestly don't even remember how I planned this quilt out...but I do remember using METALLIC thread to quilt with!!  It kept breaking even just using a small amount.  Yep!  But what the heck did I know!  Would I do that now?  Nope!

I also had just taken a class by Anita Shackelford, hence, her inspiration for the center design.

I was using some type of folded binding on the diamonds!  I honestly don't remember!  And I thought you always remembered 'your first' time!  Not me!


  1. Fun to hear about your past……you had excellent design skills then which have only grown!

  2. This is a fun post! I know it was fun for you to look back on creating that quilt and the experience of entering the contest. I wish I had learned to quilt when I was younger. I was so preoccupied with other endeavors flitting from one sewing genre, to beading, to crocheting. But I've had fun and been gratified so it's all good!

    Love the cover on that magazine too.
    xx, Carol

  3. Congratulations then and now! "Diamonds" is stunning and timeless. You are meant to design, sew and create! Embracing Creative Bliss...

  4. Wonderful memories, I love it when I come across things like that.

  5. Fun to look back. Your daughter is beautiful.

  6. What a great memory to relive! Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your quilting past.

  7. No one should ever forget their first big recognition! Even though we don't make stuff just to "win", it is a wonderful validation. Congratulations on a wonderful memory <3


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