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Sunday, September 18, 2016

A day of celebrations!

Quite an exciting Saturday!  First off, Amber called me early in the afternoon to let us know she got her first car!  How exciting!  It's a 2009 Liberty Jeep and she is thrilled!!!  I am too just knowing she is so happy!!  She sure looks happy doesn't she!

Next up we headed to Lake Orion  for  a surprise BD for Dawn.

 Jeff invited his two sons, Darrin and his family and Bob and I.  We met up at Kruse and Muer for yummy food (Nick and I shared a pizza, which is my favorite).  And of course lots of laughs and hugs!

And I had the Lotus Birthday Candle that is always a hoot!

And presents....

Kris bought two different fabulous chocolate and one strawberry!  She also had large mums with balloons on the table, which was so nice!!  She's a great SIL and I'm so glad the girls love each other and are together so often.  It is nice to have a sister!  Don't I know that!

Big Brother helping to carry out flowers and balloons!  He's such a good brother! 

Dawn hasn't been able to find her baby book I made for her as she was growing up, so I put 50 pictures in a book using Shutterfly.  It turned out cute.

 Amber and Nick helped me put together another book of pictures from the trip the 6 of them took this past summer to Cape Cod and Boston.  Both books turned out nice and I think Dawn liked them.

I had to get her this wine glass to...Dawn hasn't been too happy about turning 50!  But then I'm not all that excited about turning 70 in January!  So I guess we're even!


  1. Her own car- heady stuff for a young lady! Good for Amber. I think I'd have had to skip the pizza and go right to those cakes- they are quite amazing! Nice celebrations.

  2. Congratulations to Amber on her very first car. May she always be safe. Happy Birthday to your Daughter. So much fun and cake to enjoy. How is it possible for our children to age beyond our age? LOL. Sweet September...


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