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Monday, September 5, 2016

12 x 12s!

I posted in August the 12x12's I made as part of Tommy's 2016 exchange for this year.  You can see how I created mine  here.

I've received all three 12x12's from Tommy, Carol and Marybeth and wanted to share those today!  They are all so cool!   And I apologize for the quilts not looking square.  Trust me..each one is 12" x 12" and perfectly square!
Here they are in the order I received them!

First up is Tommy's square.  She screen printed the color in the piece. Cool isn't it! 

So 'Tommy like'!

Detail Work

Next up is Carol's square.  Carol is from California

You all know how much I love black and white in a quilt!  And the added color in this piece is so cool!  Note how Carol ran the threads off the circle!  

Next is Marybeth's square.  Marybeth is from Wyoming

I think Marybeth's piece looks like a modern day crazy quilt!  Love the colors too!

Marybeth used so many different stitches, fabric and even beads!  

And this is the square I kept for myself.  I do have a book that I'm keeping all my 12x12 quilts in.  I enjoy looking at them from time to time.  

My square was made using SolarFast to create the leaves from a negative.

And no beads!  HA  Just lots of hand stitching and free motion quilting!

I am very happy with this exchange, as I have been in past exchanges!  It's always fun to see someones style and just a surprise to receive a quilt or two or three! 


  1. A fun exchange. Cool to look at other's work. I think one of the pieces you received is stunning but I locked my lips and threw away the key, lol.
    xx, Carol

  2. They're all great! Still waiting on one of mine. The one I sent to Australia three weeks ago is still not there. Not very happy about that! Hope she gets it tomorrow!


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