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Friday, September 30, 2016

A week, really?

I can't believe I haven't blogged for over a week!!!  It's not like I haven't been working on anything!  So guess I have to show some of my projects.....

Beth, from Florida, gave four of us an embroidered piece for us to use Inktense blocks (or other supplies) to color in and create something. from.   Beth actually stitched around the flowers and leaves and that did eliminate some of the struggle for us/me!  HA

So a month or so ago, I colored in my piece using Neocolor crayons, Inktense blocks as well as my Gelato's!
This past weekend, I scanned and copied, onto Organza, the piece I had colored.  My thought was to use it on top of the original design.  Hard to see, but this is the printed organza.

But then as I started to play with the piece I decided I would just add some fusible on the back of the Organza and lay beside the original piece!  Yes, my mind works overtime and not always as it should work!  But, I have fun, right!   I cut around areas of the flower........

And fused the printed Organza beside the original piece!

Then, after I watched a Kemshall video,  I got looking at making some Flying Geese pieces to add to the piece!!  Oh, the mind never stops!!!!

But then....the colors are I got to play with my crayons and Inktense blocks again!  And I colored in the 'sky', which I forgot to do.  I still need to add some highlights but the piece is coming along!
So, will I use the flying geese??  Who knows...not me!  HA  I won't know until it's done!!!  And that's a long way from now!  


  1. I LOVE what you’ve done with this… very inventive!!!

  2. Inventive- that's exactly the word that came to maind. Then I read Mary's comment. Yup- inventive. And I can relate to that whirring mind thing, too.

  3. I always love seeing the direction you take a project to. This is lovely with the shadow organza. Flying Geese?...I saw some overhead flying South. Enjoy your project playing...


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